10 Interesting Facts About Cornwall

Cove and harbour of Port Isaac with arriving ship, Cornwall England

Cornwall is such an enchanting place, full of wonder and mystery. So, it’s no surprise many people flock to the south west coast, for summer and spring breaks or a weekend getaway.

Whether you’ve visited the Cornish lands before, or you’re heading there for the first time to stay at one of the many holiday parks dotted around the county, take time to explore 10 interesting facts about Cornwall.

This will surely help inspire your next trip to the Cornish lands. 

cornish eden pasty with flag
Images courtesy of the Cornish Pasty Association
  1. Miners are behind the Cornish Pasty

Can you really visit Cornwall without sampling a Cornish Pasty or two? This pastry favourite was created in Cornwall after Miner wives were looking for a way to give their partners a hearty meal that they could tuck into down the mines.

The idea was that the miners would hold the edge of the pasty, the thicker part, with their dirty hands, and eat the inside of the pastry, essentially the meal. Once the filling was eaten the pasty would be discarded.

  1. Over 300 beaches across a 433-mile-long coastline!

Cornwall is home to the longest coastlines in the whole of the UK. Along its 433 miles long coast, you’ll find over 300 beaches.

Being on the South West coast, the Atlantic Ocean rolls the perfect surfing waves towards the Cornish shores, making it one of the best places to surf in the world.

  1. The most western point of England is located in Cornwall

A popular tourist attraction, Land’s End, is the most western point of England which sees many visitors each year, wanting a photo with the iconic signpost.

  1. Cornwall is the legendary birthplace of King Arthur

It’s believed that King Arthur was born in Tintagel, Cornwall. This theory was made famous with the stories of the Sword in the Stone and the existence and protection of Merlin the magician.

You can learn all about King Arthur, and Merlin, at Tintagel Castle. 

Ruins of Tntagel Castle Cornwall
Ruins of Tntagel Castle, Cornwall
  1. Cornwall has one city – Truro

Not only is Truro the only city to be located in the Cornish lands, but it’s also the UK’s smallest city, and is home to a cathedral built in 1910.

  1. Doc Martin

If you’re a fan of the TV show, Doc Martin, the place in which the show is set is an actual village, Port Isaac. You can explore all the places where your favourite scenes were set.

  1. Tourism is big job sector

It’s believed that over 20% of the Cornish population work in the tourism industry. However, it can be difficult in the winter months as most tourist come for their summer holidays.

  1. Haunted Cornwall

Cornwall is said to be one of the most haunted places in England. And if you’re wanting to get spooked on your break away to Cornwall, why not visit – Bodmin Moor, Bodmin Jail, Jamaica Inn and the Polbreen Mine?

  1. Over 385 plant types

Believe it or not, Cornwall is home to over 385 types of plants. Helping to grow this number is, of course, the wonderful Eden Project.

Home to a vast collection of plants, the Eden Project is one place many people head to when visiting Cornwall.

  1. Basking Sharks holiday in Cornwall

Growing to be as long as double-decker buses, basking sharks are the second largest fish, after the whale shark. They can weigh as much as seven tonnes and live for up to 50 years, and you guessed it – they can be spotted in the Cornish waters.

These sharks are completely harmless and basically toothless, friendly giants. You can go for boat trips to spot them leaving from Penzance, with the best time to spot them between May and September.

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