An Unforgettable 2-Day Tahiti Itinerary

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Dreaming of a remote island vacation? Visiting Tahiti for two days is just enough time to get a taste of the island’s unbeatable tropical beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and offers visitors the opportunity to chase waterfalls, surf incredible waves, and relax on stunning beaches.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, to re-center yourself in nature, or to just have an unforgettable family vacation, this article will help ensure that you make the most of your time in Tahiti!

Day 1: 2-Day Tahiti Itinerary

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Papeete Market

Papeete is the vibrant capital city of French Polynesia and is filled with so many wonderful places to explore and observe the daily life of the locals. And one of the most iconic places to visit is the bustling Papeete Market!

Here, you’ll find hundreds of stalls with everything you can think of. From fresh fruits and vegetables to baked goods and fully cooked meals, this market is a foodie’s heaven. As such, it’s also one of the best places to grab a cheap and delicious breakfast to fuel the rest of your day’s adventure.

Market stall, Papeete, Tahiti, fruits and vegetables
Market stall, Papeete

And while the food is exceptional, especially the fresh mangoes, visitors to the Papeete market will discover that local vendors also sell all kinds of handcrafted souvenirs. So, if you’re looking for a unique souvenir back home for some loved ones, this is the perfect place to find something!

Fautaua Waterfall

After you have filled up on tasty local dishes, it’s time to embark on an exciting adventure — trekking to Fautaua Waterfall. This waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Tahiti and stands at an impressive 400 feet tall! It’s located deep in the island’s mountainous interior, so getting there requires a bit of effort.

The hike is easy-to-moderate and takes around half a day to complete. Along the way, you’ll get to wander through lush greenery, ford shallow rivers, and come across all kinds of eunique plants and flowers. You’ll even pass through a small village on your way to the trailhead, which offers you a glimpse of the lifestyle of many locals.

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Ultimately, seeing the breathtaking Fautaua Waterfall in person is one of the most incredible activities to partake in around the island. So if you want to see this natural beauty, make sure to grab your permit from city hall before embarking on your journey!

Place Viaete

By the time you complete the hike, there’s a good chance you’ll be ready to devour a giant meal! One of the best places to dine in the evening is Place Viaete, which is located near the Papeete harbor.

Almost every night around sunset, this area transforms from a quiet area near the harbor into the place to be in downtown Papeete! Visitors will discover the area has tons of food trucks, which are locally referred to as roulettes. Everything from traditional Tahitian dishes and crepes to Chinese food and everything in between is served here!

Another one of the best parts about Place Viaete is that the prices are quite affordable, so there’s no need to worry about spending an exorbitant amount of money to get a good-portioned meal!

And if you need further incentive, most nights, this area offers live music, as well as a variety of games – perfect for making an unforgettable evening out of it. So make sure to stop by if you’re ready to indulge in amazing food and support some local small businesses!

Day 2: 2-Day Tahiti Itinerary

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Point Venus Lighthouse

For the second day of this 2-day Tahiti itinerary, you’ll get to visit a couple of historical sites around Tahiti and learn about their ancient culture.

The first historic site is the Point Venus Lighthouse, which marks the exact location where Captain Cook sailed to in 1769. He originally sailed to this island in an attempt to determine the distance between Earth and Sun. Cook set out to calculate this by recording the transit of Venus across the sun. Hence, the name of the site!

Venus Point Lighthouse Tahiti
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Surrounding the lighthouse is a memorial site. Visitors can walk along a pathway that illustrates the story of the first Protestant missionaries that arrived in Tahiti in 1797 and began a new period of development for the island.

Additionally, there are two playgrounds that can be found around the lighthouse. So for families traveling with kids, this is an easy way to keep them entertained while you take a moment to appreciate the significance of this area.

Marae Ārahurahu

The next stop is Marae Ārahurahu, which is located on the Western side of Tahiti and one of the most important archaeological sites that can be on the island.

For those who have never heard of a Marae, it is essentially an ancient temple that was used by the local French Polynesian people. The ceremonial site often functioned as a place of gathering for special ceremonies or religious practices.

Back in the 15th century, the island used to have several different Maraes located all across Tahiti However, with time, they slowly disappeared, were destroyed, or simply became unrecognizable.

Marae Ārahurahu is particularly noteworthy because it’s one of the oldest of its kind in Tahiti and is incredibly well-preserved and maintained. As such, this is a wonderful site for visitors to walk around, learn about ancient traditions, and connect a bit with Tahiti’s past!

Taharuu Beach

MOOREA beach dancers with fire Tahiti
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Lastly, no visit to Tahiti would be complete without spending a few hours relaxing at the beach! And one of the best beaches to visit is Taharuu Beach, which is located about 20 minutes by car from Marae Ārahurahu.

This beach is one of the island’s most popular black sand beaches and offers something to everyone. For example, if you’ve been wanting to take advantage of the smooth waves of Tahiti, this is a fantastic beach break for experienced surfers.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to hop on a surfboard, you can also go swimming in Tahiti’s brilliant blue waters. You’ll likely realize that these waters are the ideal way to cool down after soaking up the sun at this gorgeous beach!

And if you get hungry, don’t worry — there’s a snack bar where you can purchase a few treats to tide you over until you can grab a proper dinner! So regardless if you’re here to surf, watch the surfers, or just recharge for a bit, this is a beach you’ll want to make sure you hit up during your trip!

Other Fun Activities to Check Out

hula dancers in Tahiti
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  • Moorea – If you have extra time, consider traveling to Tahiti’s sister island, Moorea. It’s only a 45-minute boat ride away!
  • PK18 Beach – This is a popular white sand beach located on the eastern side of the island
  • Water Gardens at Vaipahi – A gorgeous green space filled with beautiful flowers and plants that is lovely to stroll around.

Final Thoughts: Unforgettable 2-Day Tahiti Itinerary

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There’s something truly magical about Tahiti, and it’s easy to see why so many travelers come back year after year.

From exploring the island’s stunning beaches, learning about its ancient culture at historic sites like Marae Ārahurahu, and relaxing at some of Tahiti’s most beautiful spots, there are all kinds of activities available.

And while a couple of days is far from enough time to fully explore the island, with this 2-day itinerary, you’ll be able to get the most out of your trip!

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