3 Essentials You Need in Place to Grow Your Small Brewery or Bar Business

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Whenever you are looking to build a brewery or bar, then you need a few things. There’s a lot that goes into building every single brewery and bar. It is therefore important that you have all of these essentials before your doors open.

Here are some of the essentials that you can’t forget when opening a brewery or a bar.

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Grab All The Raw Materials

No matter if you have a brewery or a bar, you will need the raw materials for your business to run smoothly. Keeping track of the food you will serve in the bar, or the barley and yeast that you will use for your brews are going to be essential to give your customers what they expect. It will also help you make some money in your business.

Keep your inventory stocked and loaded at all times, because the supplies will be needed and you don’t want to have to worry about running out. Additionally, as you start to grow your business, start to look at getting more items for your inventory. Do you want to start making different foods in your bar, or do you need to expand your stock of brewing items to accommodate all the new customers?

An Expanded Way To Bottle And Package

This section is going to be a bit more for the brewers, but whenever you are making your own beer, you will need to have ways to bottle, can, and keg, and then distribute your beers to the people.

While many breweries work with manufacturers and other companies to create supply chains and get the materials they need to package and bottle their beers, as you expand your brewery you need to make sure that your packaging is able to keep up.

It is common for a lot of breweries to expand and increase their production, only to find that people who have been helping them with the supply chains can’t keep up with the increased production. In order to make sure you aren’t making more than you need, you should make sure that your packing and bottling capabilities are growing with your business.

More Brewery Software

Finally, brewery software is another essential that most people forget about whenever it comes to their business. A good software system, like the one you can find at www.getollie.com is going to be very helpful because it is designed to support your brewery when it expands.

You can manage your inventory, your customer orders, every facet of your production, and a lot more all from one application. If you expand your brewery first without updating the software, you might find that a lot of things have slipped through the cracks and you will need to play catch up. That takes away valuable time from your brewery or your bar!

Make Sure You Can Support Your Own Growth

All of these essentials have a common theme, and that is support. Brewing software, packaging beers, and keeping enough raw materials in stock are all things that you need to have with you both as your brewery is starting, and also as your brewery grows!

Then you can reach for the sky with your brewery or bar and you can also know that you’ve got support on the ground. Because no one likes a big crash, especially whenever that crash involves the business you built hitting the ground!

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