5 Essentials for Hiking in the Fall Months

woman hiking with blue knitted sweater trail and backpack

The fall is the perfect time of year for hiking. The foggy atmosphere paints a dreamy landscape in many parts of the world. The season is also filled with everything pumpkin and Halloween, making the vibe of the outdoors that much cooler. To make the most of Fall hiking, you’ll need to know the fall’s five hiking essentials. Read on to learn what they are!

1. Sun Hats and Eye Protection

Keeping your eyes shielded from the sun is serious business when you’re high up in the hills to see Connecticut’s fall foliage, the view of the Smoky Mountains, or wherever else your hike takes you.

Just because it’s the fall doesn’t mean the sun won’t come out. While the clouds might cover you some of the time, when the sun does come out, you’ll need to have ways to protect yourself from the heat and glare intensity.

Consider sun hats for women as part of your fall hiking essentials list, and use your accessories to the fullest! Grab those tinted sunglasses to pair with your hat and hike in style.

2. A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while you hike is important no matter what time of the year it is. Grab a gallon bottle, including a Polar Camel 32 oz Water Bottle, so you can get your eight glasses in and replenish any nutrients lost in sweat.

This is another opportunity to accessorize and pick the water bottle that motivates you to keep moving so you can reap the benefits of daily exercise. You can find water bottles with cool features, such as:

  • Some stay colder for longer
  • Motivational quotes written on them
  • Some are just funky colors

Choose the water bottle that fits your style and hike away! Get matching water bottles for the family and make your family outdoor adventure hike even more memorable!

3. Fall Hiking Boots

Fall is rainy and full of wet leaves, so pick your boots accordingly! Go for rubber soles and water-resistant fabrics that will keep you steady as you hit that incline.

If you’re against wearing leather or suede fabric, you can still find water-resistant vegan hiking boots to match your style and hiking needs. Do some digging to find the right boots for you! For extra warmth, pick up some cozy fall socks to keep your feet dry.

woman in sunlight forest hiking with baseball cap backpack

4. A Fall Backpack

To keep your belongings safe and dry and store any fall items you find on your hike (pine cones for crafts and decorations, leaves for pressing, etc.), you’ll want the right fall backpack to do the job.

Stick to lightweight water-resistant bags, so your stuff stays dry and you don’t feel like you’re carrying a ton of weight. Remember that you are on a hike, so don’t choose a bag you don’t want to get dirty. You’re bound to splash into a puddle or two, or run into a branch that leaves dirt on your bag. If you have a sturdy bag from a while back, maybe go with that!

5. A Rain Jacket

Like we said, fall is rainy! Bring a lightweight rain jacket with you in case you encounter an unexpected downpour while you’re out hiking. You might stick to lighter colors when the sun comes out again, as darker-colored clothing will make you absorb more heat from the sun. Even with your sun hat, you’ll want to make sure that your rain jacket has a hood attached to it so your head stays as dry as possible.

The Bottom Line

Hiking during the fall means taking care of your hydration and preparing against the fall elements accordingly! Follow the suggestions in this article, so you’re well-prepared for this year’s fall hikes!

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