A Gift Guide for Perfume Lovers

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Buying perfume for someone is a quite intimate gift that evokes luxury, love, and care. Therefore, if you’re thinking about buying perfume for someone you love, it’s important to do it with consideration and planning. And if you’re not into perfumes, that can be a bit tricky. Below is our mini gift guide that will help you surprise a special perfume lover in your life.

Don’t be afraid to walk down the memory lane

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If you’re buying fragrance for your long-term partner or a friend, then going down memory lane would be of great help? What was the perfume they used when you’ve started dating? Did they have any perfume preferences when you’ve met for the first time? If you know the answer, then buying that exact fragrance or something similar can be a great idea, as they’ll likely appreciate your thoughtfulness and dedication.

Consider their personality and lifestyle

This one is also huge since every person has individual preferences and tastes. Also, the way they love their life on a day-to-day basis can also influence their choice of perfume. For example, a person that is into an active and outdoorsy lifestyle would be more likely to appreciate a lightweight, fresh and breezy fragrance compared to a heavier, leathery one.

Don’t be afraid to ask all the critical questions that will help you make the best choice. For example: do they like going out on the weekends? Do they work out? Are they working in a corporate world? All of these are important and can help you pick the best perfume. 

Don’t be afraid to go with safe choices

In the world of fragrances, a safe choice is a luxurious perfume from an iconic brand. Chanel 5, and Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, are such well-known examples. Therefore, if you’re unsure what to gift to your special person, then feel free to check out the best Hermes perfumes as this brand is a staple when it comes to luxury, elegance, and class.

A lot of their perfumes are gentle, floral, and soft, which makes them a perfect choice. And if you want something bolder, then you can always opt for fruitier notes or amber-inspired scents. 

Use the gift to cherish your relationship

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Your relationship with the individual is also if big important when choosing a fragrance as a gift. Simply put, some fragrances are too intimate and sensual. Giving those to a parent, sibling or relative is definitely out of question. Such perfumes are the perfect gift for a spouse or a long-term partner, though.

If you’re buying the gift for a lover, then the length of your relationship also plays a big role. The longer you’re together, then it’s more likely that you know them better. Then again, if you’re planning to buy a perfume for someone you don’t know that well, the general rule is to go with a fragrance that is more lightweight, as that is always the safest option. 

Their tastes matter a great deal 

Sure, someone’s lifestyle and profession can influence your choice of fragrance for them, but their tastes are also of huge importance. If they enjoy drinking red wine and spicy food, then it’s best to get them a perfume with woody musk notes. Additionally, if your person enjoys eating sweets and other sugary treats, then buying them a vanilla-scented fragrance is surely a great decision. 


Choosing a perfume as a gift isn’t always an easy task. This guide will show you how to make the best choice. As long as you take your time, and consider their tastes, lifestyle, and the core of your relationship, you will be able to pick a fantastic perfume that they’ll enjoy wearing. 

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