A Guide to Tradesman Public Liability Insurance

Trade workers by a van

Working as a tradesman, whether as a plumber or carpenter, is an essential profession that is vital for everyday living. Without the expertise that a tradesman brings, businesses would not be able to operate in any capacity. Though with great responsibilities comes the need to protect yourself and your business.

As a tradesman, it is imperative that you protect your career and assets with tradesman insurance. Below we highlight why tradesman should get proper liability insurance, types of insurance plans, and policy benefits.

Who needs public liability insurance?

Any tradesman who is self-employed and works part-time, full-time or on a for-hire basis that works in a public sector. Examples of tradesmen jobs include but are not limited to:

  • Flooring contractor
  • Heating and air conditioning technician
  • Kitchen and bathroom fitter
  • Alarm installer
  • Refrigeration engineer
  • Builders

Why should a tradesman get public liability insurance?

Accidents can unfortunately occur at anytime and oftentimes without warning. At times, due to these mistakes, some clients may decide to take legal action against the tradesman. Reasons may include if an injury occurred or if there was property damage as a result of the tradesman’s action. Public liability insurance for builders, for example, protects against many different types of hazards on a construction site or building project.

Other specific examples include:

  • A fire caused by faulty wiring for an electrician
  • Unexpected water or sewage backup for a plumber

Therefore, getting public liability insurance is not only well worth considering, it may be essential when it comes to protecting assets, your tradesman’s license, and business property.

What can a public liability policy do?

Having a public liability policy can significantly help protect your business. This type of policy will cover legal costs up to the limit of indemnity selected. It could also ensure that the policy holder is not taken to court in case an accident were to occur. As a tradesman, having insurance helps to ensure peace of mind in case of an unlikely accident.

Having public liability insurance also provides reassurance for customers and clients. They will also feel comfortable knowing that they are protected if anything were to go wrong.

Which insurance plan should a tradesman opt for?

First and foremost, look for policies that have been tailored specifically for tradesmen that are available at the lowest possible rates. A self-employed tradesman, for example, should opt for a plan that offers the maximum amount of coverage possible and offers additional benefits like financial assistance for medical purposes as well as plans that are flexible. Plans should also include flexible monthly options.

What benefits can public liability insurance offer?

Public liability insurance policy holders are offered financial and legal protection and compensation if and when any mistakes are made at work. Insurance also allows tradesmen the ability to continue to work after an incident occurs. This is because the insurance holder understands that their legal situation will be taken care of and covered.

A third benefit is that the tradesman does not have to spend money out of their own pocket to pay any victims of an accident. This prevents the policy holder from losing their business or going bankrupt due to paying thousands of dollars in legal claims.

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