Car Shipping Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Long Distance

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It can be nerve-racking to start planning your big move. You want to make sure you do everything right, especially when it comes to your belongings. But when things become too overwhelming, you tend to make mistakes, especially when shipping your car. Below are six common car shipping mistakes you must avoid during your long-distance move.

1. Failure to Read Reviews

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not to read Easy Auto Ship reviews. Reading reviews is the first thing many people do before purchasing a product or service. The same applies to hiring a reputable car shipping company. What customers think can provide you with enough insight about which auto shipper is the most credible.

Many auto shipping companies have websites. Their customers post how the company deals with each transaction. Looking for a shipper with more positive reviews than negative ones is the path to take. A company with only positive reviews may be too good to be true. A lot of negative feedback should raise a red flag.

You are not looking for a mediocre shipper. You are searching for the most knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled auto shipping company. You need a shipper that is good at maintaining your car’s condition while in transit.

2. Skipping Insurance Coverage

It will be a nightmare if you choose an auto shipper that does not cover any vehicular damage during transit. This means that if your car gets scratches and dents during shipping, the company will not cover the repairs or replacements. In this case, a great option is seeking out the best enclosed vehicle transport company in order to ensure your vehicle is well protect.

A credible and experienced auto shipper should provide auto insurance for any vehicle in its care. You can ask for the auto shipper’s insurance certificate. This will explain what the full coverage of the insurance is. You can move on to the next company if you think the coverage is not enough.

3. Incomplete Documents

You must make sure that you complete the documents from your shipping company. These forms include the certificate of insurance, bill of lading, and vehicle registration. These documents will prove that the car is in your name. Completing these documents is important before you transport your car.

4. Incomplete Documentation During Inspection

Filling out the inspection report is important for shipping. The auto inspector will write down any damage your car may already have. Pre-shipping photos of your car will serve as proof. Another inspection will take place upon your car’s delivery. The pre-shipping photos will help confirm any damage during shipping.

You can claim the insurance coverage by writing the details of the damage on the inspection report. Taking photos of the damaged part will complete the report. The shipment driver must sign the report. Completing the documents can make your car shipping experience less complicated. Failure to do all of these could set you back thousands of dollars in car repairs.

5. Failing to Empty Your Vehicle

Most car shipping companies do not allow filling the car with anything during transport. They will refuse to take responsibility for any stolen items inside the vehicle. Any loose items can also damage the vehicle’s interior components. Insurance companies will not provide coverage for their repair.

The Department of Transport officers may decide to check your vehicle before its transport. They will confiscate personal and household items in the car. Emptying your vehicle is also important in keeping the car’s weight minimal. A lighter car can lower your shipping cost.

6. Paying Too Little

Different auto shipping companies have different rates. You should see to it that you know the breakdown of the company’s shipping costs. Finding out how much your shipper will charge you can help set your budget for your entire move. Remember, inexpensive car shipping is not always the most efficient. It is better to pay a little more than get poor-quality service.

Avoiding the Mentioned Mistakes Can Give You a Stress-free Car Shipping Experience

Hiring an auto shipping company should make your big move free of worries. Knowing what to do can save you a huge headache on shipping day. Working with your shipper can complete the requirements early. This will result in a smooth car transport process. All you need to do is anticipate your vehicle’s arrival to your new home.

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