Common Road Hazards in Chicago That Can Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

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Chicago, the most populous city in Illinois and the third-most populous city in the US, is among the top tourist destinations in the country. The city is known for being a hotspot for finance, commerce, and telecommunications.

When you live in a city that’s always abuzz with activity, accidents are bound to happen sooner rather than later. This is particularly true for those riding motorcycles.

Since motorcyclists do not have the protection of being inside a vehicle, they are more prone to serious injuries. If it’s a high-speed crash, the chances of fatality are scarily high. Chicagoans who are victims of motorcycle accidents have an option that assures them fair compensation: hiring one of the experienced Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys.

There are many reasons why motorcycle accidents happen. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol
  • Dooring
  • Inexperienced driving

The reasons listed above happen due to the negligence of either the motorcyclist or the motorists with whom they share the road. But there is another way how motorcycle accidents happen.

Road Hazards and Motorcycles

Motorcycles only have two wheels. The motorcyclist has to balance the vehicle while still looking out for elements that cause accidents. Sadly, this element can be anything on the road.

Even the most common things on the road can be the cause of a motorcycle accident. Here are some road hazards that can cause motorcycle accidents.


These are depressions on the road that occur mainly due to excessive rain or the presence of water in the soil structure beneath the road.

Inattentive motorcyclists are at an increased risk of riding into potholes and losing their balance. They may be thrown off their vehicle, increasing the chance of injuries to the neck.

Potholes can vary in size and are common during the rainy season.


Debris can be anything that can trip a motorcyclist. The debris one can find on the road generally includes:

  • Shredded tires
  • Trees
  • Large branches
  • Large rocks
  • Materials from a construction site
  • Scrap metals

Though smaller than a motorcycle, debris on the road has the potential to throw a motorcyclist off their vehicle.

In some cases, a motorcyclist who’s trying to swerve past debris may ride into a different lane or off the road.

Stray Animals

The impact of stray animals on cars is vastly different from that of motorcycles. Cars may simply run over smaller animals or crash into some of the larger animals while the driver remains safe. The same cannot be said for motorcycles.

Motorcycles running over small animals have an effect that is similar to riding into a pothole. The sudden change in elevation may cause the motorcyclist to lose balance, leading to an accident.

On the other hand, motorcyclists crashing into bigger animals can be catastrophic. The lack of protective covering means that they will feel the impact of the crash before falling off their motorcycle.

Wet Roads

Chicago gets a lot of rain. Lots of rain means that the roads are going to get wet, and wet roads can be disastrous, especially for motorcyclists.

Wet surfaces pave the way for hydroplaning, a condition where tires lose traction due to the water on the road.

Motorcycles losing traction while on the move can lead to serious accidents.

What’s Next?

Victims of motorcycle accidents are vulnerable to a host of injuries. With proper gear, motorcyclists can reduce the seriousness of the injuries they sustain.

It is the responsibility of motorcyclists to stay alert while on the road, paying attention to just about everything. Because they’re only below pedestrians and bicyclists in terms of parties who’re at risk on the road.

In the event of a motorcycle accident, victims are expected to hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer will assist the motorcyclist in acquiring fair compensation.

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