Designing Better Childrens’ Bedrooms

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Creating a room for your child to sleep, play, and grow is so important, but many parents simply do not get it right. For simple creative and inspiring tips, check out this guide to designing better childrens’ bedrooms.

Less is more

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One thing that a lot of parents do is go all out. They add so many colors and patterns and styles in to their child’s bedroom that it ends up looking messy and overwhelming. It’s far better to keep things simple and use a color palette with no more than three colors if you want to create a room that looks great but does not cause too much overstimulation.

Go more minimal

When designing your child’s bedroom, for similar reasons, it is better to go more minimal than you imagined. You might want to fill the space with every toy and every piece of furniture imaginable, but this will just mean there is less room for your child to play in and too much stuff to overstimulate them. Opting for a minimalistic approach not only promotes a calming atmosphere but also allows ample space for your child to play and explore freely. To achieve this balance, explore a thoughtfully curated collection of cabin beds for kids that offer both comfort and functionality without overwhelming the room. Choosing furniture with a focus on simplicity and practicality ensures a well-designed space that fosters creativity and relaxation for your child.

Yes, you will need some kids’ bedroom furniture, like the pieces at, such as a bed, drawers, and a desk to ensure that the space is functional, and some toys are a must – buy good storage to keep it off the floor- but there is no need to go overboard.

Make it playful

It’s a child’s room, not an adult’s space, so at every turn, you should be focusing on the playfulness of the space., Instead of buying a standard bed, buy a cabin bed with a den underneath, or instead of being a basic rocking chair, buy a swing seat instead. It might not be what you would choose, but you aren’t a child and the more fun your kid’s room is, the more they will love it, and the more active and playful they will be which is great for their development.

Add color with accessories

If you are looking to add color to the room, which is a good idea as color is stimulating for kids in all the right ways, as long as you do not go too overboard, it’s a good idea to add color with accessories.

Why? Because kids’ favorite colors change all the time, and because as your kids get older, it will be easier to allow their rooms to grow with them if the walls are fairly neutral. 

You can create an amazing and fun room by using wall stickers, colorful rugs, throws, pillows, and toys on the shelf instead of perhaps painting the walls bright pink or green and regretting it later. If your child is old enough, ask them what colors they would like to see in the space as it is their room and they should have a say. 

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As you can see, creating better childrens’ bedrooms is actually really simple once you start thinking like a child and employing a few simple design tricks. Use these tips and inspiration to start design your child’s bedroom and know these designs will last for many years to come.

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