Hosting A Summer BBQ? Here’s What To Serve

Southampton Inn annual bbq food
Credit: Southampton Inn

A summer BBQ is a lovely thing to do, but often a very annoying thing to plan! Maybe with the sun out you want to get outside a bit more, and use that special outdoor kitchen area you set up during the winter? Or maybe you want to cook up something special for Father’s day and dad always loves a BBQ? No matter the plan, you’ve got a summer BBQ to put together! We’ve got the tips you’ll want to use to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Plan Your Sides First

Aside from the meat you’re planning to cook, the sides you serve up with them are the main stars of the show. And when you’ve got good sides to pair your kebabs and steaks with, you’re going to have people begging for more! So, maybe a light pasta salad is called for? Or maybe a small Caesar salad with homemade garlic croutons? 

Make Your Hotdogs Extra Special

Hotdogs are staples of the BBQ scene, but they can be a bit boring, right? But if you ‘jazz’ them up with some extras, and make sure the ‘dogs’ themselves are cooked to perfection, you’ll have a winning combo on your hands. Mix up a cheese and veggie topping and lay it on thick. Make the buns a bit spicier by popping some peppers and chillies in. And the more ‘salty’ spices and flavourings you can load in, the better the hotdogs will turn out. 

Your Condiment Choices Complete the Plate

Whatever sauces you’re planning to dip the food into, make sure they’re complementary to the other flavours on the plate. Namely that meaty/smokey taste and mouthfeel that comes with all good BBQs. How can you be sure you’ve got the right sauces for this? First, work with some strong tastes, like you’ll get in Fermented Sauces and Condiments. Then, think about the rubs and marinades you’re already using; if you can pop a bit of that into some plain yoghurt, add some fresh herbs, and then give it a mix, you’ll do the trick!  

Always Have a Vegetarian Option

It’s not just for the vegetarians among you. It’s also for you, to ensure you’re eating something lighter when you’ve got a big steak or a loaded burger in front of you. Plus, BBQ cauliflower or giant mushrooms can be great when they’re served up as part of a platter! You’ll have some variety to what you’re eating and can dip in and out of all kinds of tasty foods. And if you’ve got anyone with a sensitive stomach coming along, a veggie option is always going to be your best bet. 

A summer BBQ is always fun; there’s sun, there’s good food, and the drinks can be extra fruity too! But if you want to remember this occasion, plan with the tips above in mind. 

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