Kitchen and Home Holiday Gift Guide

casamia beautiful floral tablescape with menu
Credit: Casamia

Add some sugar and spice to your kitchen and home routine this holiday season. Our kitchen and home holiday gift guide highlights exactly what you need to upgrade your kitchen.

From sustainable kitchen gadgets and cookware to baking accessories and handmade dinner plates, our holiday gift guide has lots to discover. These gifts are perfect for everyone from the best host to a professional chef.

Anolon Advanced Home 12.5″ Divided Grill/ Griddle Pan

bronze skillet dual
Credit: Courtesy of Avalon

Take cooking to a whole new level with the ease of the Anolon Advanced Home 12.5″ Divided Grill/ Griddle Pan. Divide and conquer while enjoying a variety of dishes include seared salmon, sautéed sliced mushrooms, and asparagus. In the morning, grill sausage and farm fresh eggs for breakfast.

The skillet, designed for beautifully balanced heat, has a durable hard-anodized construction, and premium nonstick for the ultimate touch of cooking convenience.

Available in two colors: Bronze and Moonstone.

BonJour Insulated Latte 2-Piece Cup Set

insulated glass latte cups
Credit: Courtesy of BonJour

Savor a hot, creamy latte or mocha in style this holiday. These eye-catching insulated glass latte cups are going to be the center of the kitchen at every morning conversation.

These latte cups are both durable and beautiful, making these elegant hand-blown, generously sized cups ideal for serving and presenting lattes, mochas, and more. In addition, these insulated, two-layer glass walls help retain beverage temperature.

The set contains 2 12-ounce insulated latte cups. Available online at Pots and Pans.


casamia cheese plate
Credit: Casamia

Whether entertaining guests or spending a luxurious night at home, the cheese and charcuterie board by Casamia is essential for holiday party presentations and at home gatherings. The set also makes for the ultimate housewarming gift. Their marble & wood cheese board matches any interior for effortless coordination.

Pair the board with their ceramic cheese markers (set of 4). The cheese markers also come with a removable-ink pen for plenty of parties throughout the holidays. 


glasvin decanter with wine pour
Credit: Glasvin

The Decanter is the perfect gift for all the wine lovers on your list who want to take it up a notch. GLASVIN focuses on selling handmade and affordable stemware without the middleman.

The Decanter fills to the widest diameter with a 750ml bottle. Some of today’s most acclaimed restaurants, including two Michelin-rated eateries, have made GLASVIN their stemware of choice. These restaurants include 63 Clinton, ZZ Sushi, and Gabriel Kreuther, to name a few.

GLASVIN stemware is designed in New York City to be effortlessly lightweight yet durable for regular use.

Lardera Coffee Roasters

Lardera Coffee Roasters
Credit: Lardera Coffee Roasters

Mix up your traditional coffee routine with the French Press coffee maker by Lardera Coffee Roasters. Their French Press is modern borosilicate glass design with high-precision stainless steel plunger.

Brew 20oz of coffee effortlessly this holiday season. Plus, cleanup is just as easy! All items are dishwasher safe. Additional gift ideas include their Pour Over Coffeemaker and Cold Brew Pitcher.

Neon Lace Company

bridgerton set lace company
Credit: Neon Lace Company

Add a little color to your kitchen this holiday season! Neon Lace Company is a unique and sustainable dye and textile company that specializes in bespoke kitchen linens and accessories. Their pieces are sourced from antique linen suppliers and handmade artisans. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted using specialized dye techniques and non-toxic ingredients. Their line includes placemats and tablecloths to their napkins and oven mitts.

Every oven mitt, for example, is individually dyed with hand-stitched quilting for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind kitchen accessory.

Rachael Ray Sittin’ Pretty 12-Cup Egg Tray

egg tray deviled eggs teal
Credit: Courtesy of Rachael Ray

Display your deviled eggs in style for your holiday season gatherings. This durable ceramic tray by Rachael Ray features a contemporary design and bright color to present everyone’s favorite hot and cold snacks in a new and accessible way.

Carry up to a dozen appetizers with versatility and style. Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. The ceramic tray is safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Available directly online at Pots and Pans.


Syosaku plate and knife
Credit: Syosaku

Syosaku creates some of the most beautiful and top-quality knives and Urushi glass plates, making for a perfect gift for the holidays. Perfect for the professional chef in your life to your favorite host, the Syosaku knives and plates are perfect for a striking kitchen display and an expertly cooked meal. In addition, their customizable features make them great for a long-lasting gift.

These knives are designed by Syosaku’s founder, Toshi Sekiya, and artisans from Sakai, a port city in Japan with a centuries long history of forging knives dating back to the samurai era. Each knife can be custom ordered. Choose from a variety of different wooden handles, handles and select your personal engraving.

Their Urushi glass plates are works of art amongst themselves. Each vivid plate is crafted with a lacquer that has been used on wood in Japan for over 9,000 years. They undergo a one-month process of layering the Urushi, drying the lacquer, and painting.

Whispering Willow

whispering willow linen spray lifestyle image
Credit: Whispering Willow
Looking to freshen up your laundry, bedroom, or sitting area? Whispering Willow’s linen spray can enhance and freshen up any room in your home. Their linen sprays help introduce aroma into your day-to-day life, utilizing natural and organic essential oils.
Their delightful linen spray collection is available in: Chai, Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus & Mint, Rose, and Lemongrass. For a sustainable approach, Whispering Willow sells their spray in a recyclable plastic bottle with a mini trigger sprayer.