Sustainable & Savory Setouchi, Japan: The Most Intriguing and Delicious Ways to Explore

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Credit: Setouchi DMO

The Setouchi region of Japan is a beautiful spectrum of naturally breathtaking lands embracing the Seto Inland Sea. Setouchi is dotted with a myriad of islands that are also beckoning to be explored.

Sustainability and looking local are two core tenets of the Setouchi lifestyle. In many cases, these core principles are best reflected in the region’s incredible cuisine. Travelers can discover a portfolio of experiences that they can consider indulging in.

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Credit: Setouchi DMO

Begin Your Culinary Journey in Setouchi

Oyster fans will love watching them being pulled from the sea when starting an early morning on the island of Miyajima. Begin the day with a special prayer from the Itsukushima Shrine from the fishing boat.

Afterwards, enjoy the fresh catches grilled over charcoal on the seaside. Sit and relax as you overlook the beautiful landscape, and become inspired by the floating sea Red Torii Gate.

Setouchi cooking island region japan
Credit: Setouchi DMO

Cooking in Setouchi

Want to try your hand at cooking? Grill and brew over a Kamado in a traditional local cottage with a professional chef. The chef will teach you how to infuse the freshest of local ingredients in traditional dishes.

Or, visit an authentic Japanese lodge. Travelers will then be paired with a chef that will take them on a tour through the region.

Visitors will start by choosing fresh ingredients from unique local shops. Then, meet farmers and purveyors along the way before rounding up in the kitchen while cooking to music and acquiring new skills.

Capture the art of Sanzoku-infused cooking! Though this word means “bandit” in Japanese, this renegade style of cooking includes notable dishes such as Sanzoku-yaki (grilled chicken), Sanzoku Musubi (Rice balls) and Sanzoku udon (noodles). Fire up the perfect cut of Wagyu beef as the centerpiece of the meal.

And, if you’re a noodle lover, then hop in an Udon Taxi in Kagawa, known as the Udon Prefecture due to its high concentration of noodle shops within a few square miles.

Here, the soil is warm and dry and ideal for cultivating wheat. These special drivers have been specifically trained to know all the local haunts never found in guidebooks; thus culinary-focused travelers are always in good hands as they are taken around the region of Setouchi.

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