Looking into Lifestyle Factors that Contribute to Aging

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As we grow older, our facial appeal is affected in the process. Always keep in mind the first impression matters a lot, such that we should always focus on maintaining a positive image. In the process, our mental health and self-esteem will be kept in check.

Always keep in mind there are lifestyle factors that usually cause aging. If you get to learn more about these lifestyle factors, you can easily avoid them.

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What is the leading cause of aging?

Poor blood circulation, hormone levels, and genetics usually play a major role in how we age. As for our skin, the loss of elasticity and fine lines will prevail with time because of slower cell turnover, loss of hyaluronic acid and the sebum production will reduce in the epidermal layer. The collagen levels will also decrease significantly. For those who don’t know what collagen is, this is the protein responsible for promoting cell regeneration in the skin.

We don’t have much control over some of these influences; however, we can control the external factors that contribute to the aging process.


For the people who smoke, the skin will age prematurely. Some research has been conducted over the years, and the chemicals being released when cigarette burns contribute to the premature aging of the skin. Some of these chemicals are carcinogenic and harmful, and the smoker will be at the risk of suffering from skin cancer.

If you smoke, you’ll notice that your skin doesn’t glow as much anymore. Your skin tone will also become uneven. For heavy smokers, there is the risk of premature facial aging precisely around the mouth. According to some people, you’ll have “smoker lines.”

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When you hydrate your skin, you’ll look young for a prolonged period. You should use the right skincare products such that your skin will be hydrated at all times. The major advantages of being hydrated are noticeable, especially when you’re using natural products with active ingredients that can replenish and nourish the skin.

One of the skincare products that you can utilize includes rosehip oil. The skin should be hydrated from within. Also, you should take at least eight glasses of water daily to keep hydrated.

Poor Nutrition

When it comes to hydration, the types of food you consume can impact our skin’s health, considering they’re supposed to nourish our bodies. Consuming alcohol, sugary foods, and caffeine leads to dehydration. Your skin will also age at an accelerated rate.

Ensure you’ve limited the number of unhealthy foods that you take. Take everything in moderation. Also, make sure you have a healthy lifestyle such that you consume fresh juices and dried fruits.

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Bad Sleep Hygiene

We cannot emphasize the importance of getting quality sleep if you want to maintain a healthy body as you grow older. As you grow, your sleeping patterns will change. Nonetheless, there is the misconception that you need to sleep less as you grow older. It is advisable to get seven to eight hours of quality sleep daily.

When the quality of your sleep has been affected, your skin health will deteriorate. The aging process will also accelerate. As you sleep, the body repairs and rejuvenates itself such that the damaged cells will be replaced with new healthy ones.

When you’re not getting enough sleep, the body will produce high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that contributes to premature aging. If possible, you should ensure your stress levels are kept in check. Exercising and meditation will help to ensure your stress levels are kept in check.

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Poor Skin Care

If you have a good skincare routine, you can easily ensure that your skin looks good at all times. The dead skin cells should be exfoliated. You should also ensure your skin is hydrated using creams such that you’ll have that healthy glow for a prolonged period.

As you retire to bed, ensure you’ve wiped off all the make-up. Use quality cleansing balms to get rid of the cosmetics such that you can maintain a clear complexion for long.

Sun Damage

The UV rays being produced by the sun contribute to skin aging. When you are exposed to the sun for long, you will notice that you’ll have sun spots, hyperpigmentation, skin cancer, and tags.

Ensure you’ve looked into how your skin is affected by the sun such that you can come up with measures on how to protect yourself from the UV rays. You can apply sunscreen or any other skincare product to protect your skin.

There are different anti-aging skin care methods, and dry brushing is one of them. The main advantage of dry brushing is that it helps eliminate the dead skin cells and boosts blood circulation. The lymphatic system will also be drained together with other vessels that usually help eliminate the waste materials in the body.

About Facelifts

To combat the skin-aging issue, you can also opt for a facelift in NYC. The surgical procedure will ensure you look younger; it will help eliminate the folds present on the facial skin around the jawline and cheeks. During the facelift surgery, the facial skin is pulled back. The tissues beneath the skin will be altered surgically, and your face will regain its youthful shape.

Different lifestyle factors usually cause aging, and they can be avoided. You should ensure that you’re dedicated, and you’ll protect your skin accordingly. Although a facelift comes in handy, you should consider each of the lifestyle factors we’ve listed.

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