Level Up: The Ultimate Gamer Destinations In West Virginia

New River Gorge, West Virgnia, USA autumn morning lanscape
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Traveling, even within your home country, is the best way to learn things you never knew you needed to know and grow in ways you never knew you could. Travel expands the mind and lightens the soul!

If you’re traveling as a gamer, you’re probably looking for destinations that offer a little something extra. Something to tickle your gamer’s brain, something that harkens back to an excellent update or reminds you of a moment in your favorite old-school PlayStation title. Suppose you’re traveling to West Virginia. There are some incredible destinations to experience both as a gamer and a non-gamer, but wouldn’t it be great if you could experience all different destinations that still link to your gaming experience somehow? Life imitating art, imitating life. But entertainment in West Virginia is probably a lot different than you expect, and we will show you the best spots you never thought would pique your interest. These are our top choices.

Autumn Trees Beside Lake

The Appalachian Trail

If you’re a tabletop gamer and you like to literally take a hike, then you should check out the Appalachian Trail. This pristine trail is one of the best-known and most stunning hiking trails on the North American continent. The trail weaves through Monroe County and offers, in total, about 2,200 miles of unrivaled views and natural beauty. Many people don’t even know that the Appalachian Trail card game exists, but it’s the ultimate way to punctuate your hiking trip with a little extra fun. The card game allows you to create your own adventure in real life. The characters in the game are the Rookie, the Light Hiker, the Mountaineer, the Orienteer and the Survivalist. You can collect gear as you play, which is essential to surviving in the wild, as well as food. Gear, chance and challenge cards will add to the fun along the way.

Snowshoe Mountain

If you liked playing Steep or ever wished you had a full-body suit and VR headgear to play Wii skiing in a more realistic way, then you should check out Snowshoe Mountain when you’re in West Virginia. As entertainment in Virginia goes, hitting the ski slopes is one of the best ways to spend a few hours. In the game, you’re skiing in the Alps, but if you hit Snowshoes Mountain, you’ll experience comfort, luxury and an adrenaline spike if you decide to try your hand at skiing. If you’re more of an inside person but don’t want to miss out on the gorgeous views, the lodge also offers roaring fires and delicious hot chocolate. When winter passes, the area provides an all-terrain adventure aspect that offers kayaking and canoeing, Segway tours, golfing and more exciting ways to spend your time.

Point Pleasant Mothman Museum

If you’re even remotely in tune with cryptid culture in the US and like all things weird and wonderful, then you have to make a stop in Point Pleasant to check out the Mothman Museum. The game Mothmen 1966 is more of a visual, pixel-pup story than a game in many aspects, but it outlines all the unmissable things about the Mothman figure and his backstory. The humanoid moth with the enormous red eyes, otherwise known as Indrid Cold, has haunted the areas around Point Pleasant and other places in West Virginia for as long as most residents can remember. All kinds of weird and wonderful supernatural occurrences occur in the area, and many people have speculated at length about the cause without any real kind of answer ever solidifying. You’ll have to visit the museum and form your own opinions!

River in the Middle of Forest

Mountain Rail Adventures

There is nothing in the world like experiencing a steam train for yourself. These steel monsters were once upon a time the preferred method of long-distance travel for many Americans, but now they are a novelty and a luxury you must experience. If you love trains, there’s no doubt that you have more than one train simulator on your PC at home, and also no doubt that you have to take a trip to Mountain Rail Adventures and see the Cass Scenic Railroad for yourself. You can choose between a two- or four-hour ride, depending on your available time. There might come a day when steam rail travel is no longer an option, so take advantage of this incredible day trip option while you can!

View of Steps Leading Towards Mountain

Lost World Caverns

We know West Virginia is gorgeous topside, but it’s also a sight for sore eyes below the ground. Lost World Caverns can be found 120 feet below the earth’s surface, and it’s a magical place to explore. The half-mile circle is full of the sort of exciting rock formations and crystals that you would find in Spelunky, that classic 2D 2008 title we all know and love. One of the biggest attractions in the cavern is the Bridal Veil, an enormous stalagmite (growing upwards from the ground) that has to be seen to be believed.

Wrap Up

These gamer destinations in West Virginia are not only gorgeous but also highly entertaining! Stop off along the way, and you won’t regret it.

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