Monaco 2024: Which Events Should Be on Your Bucket List This Year?

Aerial View of City Buildings Monaco

Monaco is one of the world’s tiniest countries—but that doesn’t stop it from regularly appearing high on travelers’ bucket lists. In fact, though it’s less than one square mile, the nation-state hosted a whopping 220,000 visitors back in 2021, which reflects only a fraction of the numbers seen prior to 2020. 

Visitors are attracted to Monaco’s status as an incredibly wealthy location on the French Riviera. Along with attractions like the Casino di Monte-Carlo and leagues of luxury shopping centers, many come to see one of the dozens of extravagant events hosted each year. In fact, most people plan their visit around a certain occasion, whether related to high fashion or speeding cars. 

If you have Monaco on your bucket list for 2024, then we suggest crafting the perfect vacation around one of these events. First up: the arts.

The Printemps des Arts Festival / 13 March – 7 April

Fans of classical arts will find no shortage of entertainment at this annual spring festival. Monaco brings out its finest performers, including classical musicians and more contemporary performers. However, there’s a special focus on Monegasque traditions and culture, which makes this a bit different than the standard fare of European arts. If you’re heading to this event, don’t forget to pencil in the Ensemble Gilles Binchois, one of the most beloved performers in the region.

Monaco aerial view at night

European Poker Tour, Monte-Carlo / 24 April – 04 May

If you’ve ever heard of the European Poker Tour, then you’ve likely dreamed of competing at the Casino di Monte Carlo. Each year, PokerStars hosts some of the largest in-person competitions in Europe in places like Monaco, Malta, and more. This event is open to competitive players and spectators alike. However, if you plan on competing, be sure to participate in online qualifying events. Though anyone can join, you must first qualify via virtual poker tournaments that are known as satellites.

Formula One Grand Prix / 24 – 26 May

By far, the flashiest event scheduled each year in Monaco is the F1 Grand Prix. Not only is this race historical, with the first hosted back in 1929, but drivers like Charles LeClerc (Ferrari) are Monegasque—which naturally drives up the stakes. On top of local drivers participating, the race cuts through Monaco’s narrow streets, making it visible from more than a handful of balconies dotting the city. Just be sure to budget for your tickets and your stay, as F1 weekends are costly.

Monte-Carlo Summer Festival / July – August

Clearly, Monaco is a place to see and be seen—and it’s been that way for a while. Just like the city’s Grand Prix race, it’s also been hosting a summer festival for decades. Since 1974, revelers have flocked to the coastal location to enjoy performances from the world’s top stars. Over the years, performers such as John Legend, Enrique Iglesias, and Ringo Starr have all graced the stage to share their work with buzzing crowds.   

Monaco Yacht Show / 25– 28 September

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Monaco, then you’ve probably noticed that its docks are extensive. Few places in Europe have such a large number of superyachts and fine boats dotting their waterways. In Monaco, you have the chance to get up close and personal with some of these yachts during the annual yacht show. Not only can you rub elbows with those showing off their yachts, but there are also sailing displays for those more interested in traditional marina shows. Keep in mind that most in attendance will be hardcore enthusiasts or yacht owners themselves, so this event isn’t ideal for those without a background in boating.

Monte-Carlo Fashion Week / Dates TBA

Though it’s not quite as flashy as Paris Fashion Week or New York Fashion Week, the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week is an experience in luxury fashion. In fact, attendees are treated to up-and-coming names local to the area, which means you won’t be seeing any looks twice. Last year’s show focused on sustainability, adding a unique twist to lines released by Catalin Botezatu and Jiri Kalfar.

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