Planning An Adventure? 6 Fun Spots in Tennessee

Smoky Mountains National Park
Smoky Mountains National Park

Tennessee is home to picturesque mountains, rushing rivers, wildlife, and heritage of culture, history, and music. There are also plenty of other things you may do, including going to museums, touring an underground lake, and off-roading on ATV and Jeep trails. If you are planning your adventure to Tennessee, have a look at some of the fun spots you should consider visiting.

  1. The Great Smoky Mountains

The rich flora and fauna, gushing waterfalls, and pure air that would refresh your soul makes the smoky mountains one of the greatest tourist attractions in Tennesse. You can hike your way up on either of the 150 trails while absorbing all the delicacies of nature.

If hiking is not your thing, you can take a jeep tour. The Jeep’s performance parts are made and tested to withstand the most difficult off-road trails. There are three entrances of the National Park, each leading to the undisturbed Appalachia region stretching to over 800 square miles. While you’re at it, do not forget to do a checklist of all the gears you would need on a smoky mountain jeep tour and make your ride hassle-free. You would come across many beautiful sights during the journey, including Greenbrier, a six-mile road that harbors the exotic and most colorful flora of the park.

If you have a love for waterfalls, jump out of your jeep and hike to the Ramsey Cascades, which is the tallest waterfall of the Smokies. You can go for other fun activities like camping, fishing, horse-riding, or taking some crazy rides on the smoky mountain alpine coaster. A break in such a breathtaking and nature-laden place would lead to a significant shift in your mood and leave a lasting impression on your soul.

  1. The Titanic Museum

Want to relive a small but significant figment of history? Located in Pigeon Forge, the Titanic Museum will enable you to live the experience of the ship’s maiden voyage. The building exhibits a design of the titanic and is also in a pool to give you an illusion of the sea. At the entrance, you will receive a boarding ticket with the passenger’s name who had traveled on the ship, along with their class. You would explore different aspects of the museum and learn about the individual stories of some passengers.

There are about 400 artifacts of the ship organized in galleries that you would come across. The Titanic Memorial Room would mark the end of your exploration, where you would learn if the passenger named on your boarding pass had survived or perished in the tragedy.

  1. Tennesse Aquarium

There is always something fascinating and inspiring about life thriving in an environment that we can’t imagine surviving in. Witness this yourself at the Tennesse Aquarium, which has over 12,000 animals belonging to 800 different species. The aquarium building has two structures, a River Journey and the Ocean Journey.

The river journey follows a path from the Appalachian Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico. You can observe many freshwater animals here. With a height of a ten-story building, the Ocean Journey continues the same theme of the river journey. The Tennessee Aquarium also exhibits a diverse collection of marine life. The aquarium also carries out conservation and propagation activities for endangered species. You can go boating and observe the diversity of the part of the earth we know so little about.

  1. Parrot Mountains and Garden of Eden

Do you love birds? Look no further than the Parrot Mountains and Garden of Eden. The beautiful tropical population of birds are so photogenic! You can also train on how to handle birds and buy related things. Have a stroll through the garden, feed the bird, take pictures, and let the beauty of this creation sink in.

  1. The Lost Sea

The placidity of the lakes is enigmatic, speaking volumes in its silence. It increases multiple folds if the lake happens to be underground, dark, and hidden. Part of the Craighead Caverns, the Lost Sea is the largest underground lake of the United States. It is located between Sweetwater and Madisonville. You can take a boat ride on its clean and clear waters, while practically floating in a cave.

  1. The Lookout Mountains

With its scenic beauty and historical significance, this mountain ridge is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Tennesse. One side overlaps with the state of Georgia and the other one with Chattanooga. With multiple adventures and scenic spots, you would never be short of fun activities to do.

The site boasts the breathtaking Ruby Falls, the tallest and deepest underground waterfall open for the public in the country. The rainwater and natural springs feed the stream with water supply. The waterfall collects in the cave, which meets the Tennesse River at the base of the mountain. You can also have an extensive view of the seven states through Rock City and ride with the Incline Railways, the steepest passenger railway in the world. You can connect with nature and fulfill your adventurous desires all at the same place.


tennessee smoky mountains stream in autumn

Going on outings is a much-needed respite from the strenuous and monotonous routines we are all spiraling in. It enables us to catch our breaths and muster up our energy before falling again into our work cycle. So, if you are residing in Tennesse, there would be many marvels of nature and humankind for you to turn. Try to take full advantage of what it has to offer and discover the many funs spots within Tennessee.

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