The Specialty Food and Wine Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas Tree Gift Set
Credit: VAHDAM® India

Looking for some last-minute specialty food gifts that will create that ‘wow factor’ for holiday gatherings, office parties, and get-togethers with close family and friends? Below is our festive specialty food gift guide featuring gifts that will add that extra holiday spice to any party this season.

Clif Family Winery

Clif Family Rose' of Cabernet Franc
Credit: Clif Family Winery

Clif Family is a small production wine and specialty food maker in the Napa Valley. They specialize in small production wines and specialty food products with a focus on organic farming and sustainable production. A specific example of their sustainable efforts is their commitment to donating $10,000 to American Forests Tree Equity Program that helps plant trees across the nation.

Clif Family Solar Grown Raw Honey
Credit: Clif Family Winery

Clif Family Winery offers a wide variety of gift sets for the holiday season, as well as a wide assortment of individual products from solar grown honey and red wine jam to hot sauces and preserves. Popular gift sets include Eat Chocolate, Drink Wine that set features our trio of Organic Dark Chocolates paired with a bottle of our 2020 Gary’s Improv Napa Valley Zinfandel, and Spread the Buzz Collection, a collection of their Good Food Award winning honey, sourced from hives located on pollinator-friendly solar farms.

Candy Cabin Gingerbread House

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar Gingerbread House
Courtesy of Dylan’s Candy Bar

The super cute Candy Cabin Gingerbread House makes it easier than ever to create your own delicious dwelling! This must-have for the holidays is ready to go for gifting, a super sweet decorating competition, & more. Arrives preassembled.

Also, check out their Deconstructed Gingerbread House Tackle Box for even more candy and treat options for decorating your own Candy Cabin! Check out their full holiday collection here.

Coffee Lover Gift Box

Volcanica Coffee Company

Coffee Lover Gift Box
Credit: Volcanica Coffee Company

The Coffee Lover Bundle is perfect for coffee enthusiast’s dream and makes for a perfect holiday gift. The bundle contains 16 oz packs of Costa Rica Original, Guatemala Antigua, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and Colombian Supremo Coffee. This coffee bundle will give your coffee lover the opportunity to sample unique blends from four different volcanic regions.


FoodBoss spreads
Courtesy of FoodBoss

FoodBoss has the ultimate gifts for everyone who loves to eat and cook. Their line of products includes Marinara Sauce, Vodka Sauce, Fresh Croutons, and Garlic Spreads (pictured above). The pack includes one of each of Frank DiMattina’s popular spreads: truffle, spicy, and classic.

Shipping is included and be sure to refrigerate immediately upon arrival.

The Hidden Sea Wine

The Hidden Sea wine collection
Credit: The Hidden Sea Wine

Known as the “Wine That Saves The Sea,” The Hidden Sea was founded by Australian entrepreneur Justin Moran and retired AFL star Richie Vandenberg. The Hidden Sea’s goal is to make a positive, verifiable impact on the planet and address the global need to reduce oceanic plastic waste.

For every bottle sold, 10 plastic bottles are removed from the ocean. Since July 2020, The Hidden Sea has removed over 17 million bottles. Their goal is to remove 1 billion bottles by 2030.

The Hidden Sea’s Red Blend, Rosé, and Chardonnay wines are vegan-friendly. The Hidden Sea can be purchased on

Honey Mama’s Variety Pack

Honey Mama’s

Honey Mama's Variety Pack favorites lavender
Credit: Honey Mama’s

Honey Mama’s is a line of delicious, refrigerated raw cocoa truffle bars. Each bar has a base of raw honey, unrefined coconut oil, and Himalayan pink salt. These bars are naturally free of refined sugar, soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, and grains.

A great healthy indulgence and holiday gift for the chocolate lover in your life is the Honey Mama’s Variety Pack. It offers a taste of every flavor in the lineup, including their most popular picks like Tahini Tangerine and Lavender Rose.

The Pastene Specialty Gift Box


pastene gift box pasta
Credit: Pastene

For the pasta lover, the hostess, the gluten-free friend, or foodie in your life, Pastene features an array of epicurean specialty boxes to enhance anyone’s skills in the kitchen. Perfect for specialty food gift giving this holiday season, Pastene makes it easy to prepare so many delicious meals with a variety of pastas, tomato sauces, roasted peppers, olives, artichokes, and much more.

Their Specialty Gift Box includes six different varieties of pasta, two different sauces, four types of gourmet vegetables and a can of Tonno (tuna). Pastas include Linguine, Gnocchi, and Regine, to name a few.

The Pastene Gift Boxes can be purchased directly from their website. Order by December 10th to guarantee arrival for Christmas.

tinyB Chocolate

tinyB Chocolate holidays
Credit: tinyB Chocolate

Making for a delightful for festive treat for everyone of all ages, tinyB Chocolate is a woman-owned, San Francisco-based gourmet confectionary company specializing in brigadeiro. Brigadeiros are traditional and popular Brazilian chocolate desserts. Their Brigadeiros are made by hand and are gluten-free.

tinyB Chocolate holidays treats Brigadeiros
Credit: tinyB Chocolate

Celebrate the Holidays with their limited-edition DIY Brigadeiro Kit. This easy and fun hands-on chocolate experience is perfect for any festive gathering. Each Kit contains everything you need to create delicious Holiday-themed brigadeiro treats like reindeer, snowmen, and wreaths.


Holiday Breakfast Gift Set
Credit: VAHDAM® India

VAHDAM® India, is an award-winning sustainable global wellness brand that produces fine teas, drinkware, gifts, and specialty foods. Their tea has been awarded over 30 prestigious awards, and has a slew of celebrity superfans including Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Martha Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many more.

VAHDAM® India has a large selection of teas including individual teas and gift sets. Gift sets for the holidays include the Happy Hanukkah Tea Gift Set, Holiday Breakfast Gift Set, 24 Loose Leaf Teas Advent Calendar, and Christmas Teas Gift Set, to name a few.
It is sold in Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Amazon, and many more stores.

Vignoli Italian Food Anthology

Infused Evoo

infused olive oil basil with pasta tomatoes
Credit: Vignoli Italian Food Anthology

Just in time for the holiday season, Vignoli Italian Food Anthology, which recently launched in the USA, offers tasting and gift sets that include their wide selection of infused olive oils. Their selection of infused EVOOs include Meyer Lemon, Mandarin, Black Garlic, Chili Pepper, Basil, and more.

Vignoli currently offers 11 gift sets that pair their infused olive oils and vinegars. Vignoli’s popular gift sets include Essential Italy, Taste of the Mediterranean, Get Grilling Collection, Flavors of Fruit, and others. Free shipping is available for orders over $100.

Woodbridge Wines

Fruitful Blends

Fruitful Blends Line Up Woodbridge Wines
Credit: Woodbridge Wines

Woodbridge Wines recently launched their Fruitful Blends collection, a line of three deliciously sweet, fruity and lightly effervescent Premium wines.

Fruitful Blends is available in three flavors: Blueberry Blackberry, Mango Pineapple, and Peach Raspberry. These flavors combine natural fruit flavors with quality California red wine, white wine, and rosé, respectively. Each also adds a hint of fizz for a refreshingly playful spritz. Enjoy Fruitful Blends with an array of accompaniments, ranging from jerk chicken to cream cheese frosted lavender cake.

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