Summer Chic: Redesigning Your Home to Fit the Sunny Aesthetic

Comfortable sofa near window with stylish curtains in living room

Fancy bringing the sun inside your home all year round? Then you need to get into the summer chic look! If you’re a hot weather lover and never skip the chance to visit the beach or surf the waves, decor like this makes your home an awesome place to be. And it’s also super easy to incorporate more of a sunny style within your four walls; check out the tips below to get started. 

What Makes You Think of Summer?

The answers to this question should help you choose the little decor touches, like trinkets, candles, and rugs. So, what makes you think of summer? The scent of freshly cut grass in the air? Seeing blooming Dahlias in other people’s windowsills? Being invited to a friend’s BBQ? Hearing waves crash onto the shore? 

Think about the little things and then use these elements to add the finishing touches to your home. For example, many fans of summer chic decor incorporate coastal themed items into their redesign. They hang a ship’s wheel on the wall and place paintings of boats and cliffs in the hallway, and all because these pieces help them think of summer. 

beautiful white interior bedroom natural light vertical

Paint with Sunny Colours

Sunny colours invoke the feeling of being outside on a summer day. Yellow is the most obvious colour for this, but there are plenty of other shades and tones you can make use of too. Lighter shades of blue and green, for example, and even soft shades of purple and pink.

If you want a bit of inspiration here, take the summer seasonal palette into consideration. What colours do you see when you head outside in June, July, and August? Don’t forget to consider highlighting colours as well, such as white, greys, and browns. Hey, browns can be wonderful for adding depth to a room, so don’t count them out of the palette immediately! 

Install Blinds Instead of Curtains

The windows are the most obvious home asset you can dress up to be sunnier. And when you think of sunshine and blue skies, you don’t think of heavy fabric drawn across the windows to block it all out! So, if you’ve got curtains in the bedroom and living room, swap them out for Roman Blinds and the like instead. 

Blinds are lighter, make rooms brighter, and can even be more effective at maintaining the internal temperature of your home as well. Their texture can make the room feel cooler as well, whilst still maintaining that sense of summer chic you’re after. Blinds tend to be smoother to the touch (without feeling cheap) and can be printed with intricate designs, and that’s great for your decor plans. 

If you want to redesign your home to fit a sunny aesthetic, take the sense of summer chic into account. Paint the walls to reflect the sun, hang blinds over the windows, make the air feel breezy, and never forget a beautiful summer scent that can be pumped into your rooms! 

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