The Must-Try Brunch Restaurants on The North Fork

The North Fork is charming and bucolic year-round destination on the East End of Long Island, and you can find some of the best-hidden brunch restaurants here. From a local bagel spot to a sophisticated Inn that serves duck tots and caviar on order, the North Fork has plenty of gastronomic options. We’ve rounded up the must-try brunch restaurants on the North Fork and also included a few selections for when visiting neighboring Shelter Island. And don’t worry, we remembered libations like bloody mary’s or mimosas. 

Ammirati’s – Love Lane


Ammirati’s is all about community; you feel that when you’re there. It’s a great casual place to grab brunch and people-watch. Their crab cake sandwich is one of our favorites, and it doesn’t matter when you arrive. There are good vibes at any hour. They also offer catering if you’re in the market for any brunch events sometime soon.  

The great thing about Ammirati’s is that it’s open every day from 5 am to (6 am on Sundays) to 3 or 4 pm. 631-298-7812  

Crazy Beans 


This nostalgic restaurant specializes in breakfast and lunch, with over two pages of items to choose from. The decor is straight out of a 1950s diner, which is appropriate because it took over the space from the Greenport Coronet Luncheonette, which existed during that era.

The menu boasts some greats like crab cakes, eggs benedict, and a dish called fully loaded homies (home fries, cheddar & American cheese, bacon, sour cream, scallions, and eggs) that is sure to leave you satisfied. 

Crazy Beans is open Sunday through Monday from 8 am to 3 pm (weekdays) and 7 am to 4 pm (weekends). 

Goldberg’s Famous Bagels


Located in Mattituck, Goldberg’s is an all-time favorite. Founded in the city in 1949, the bagel masters are a must-see if you’re starving. Any bagel sandwich is good here, but some favorites include The Spicy Hobo. It’s made with two eggs, bacon, pepper jack cheese, a hash brown, and hot sauce. It’s spicy but so worth it. Pro tip: It’s the perfect pick-up for a beach picnic on a nice day. 

For our benefit, this place only serves brunch from 6:30 am to 3 pm daily. If not, we would be there more often. 631-315-5238

Léon 1909

Shelter Island

Located in Shelter Island, Léon 1909 is a French-Italian restaurant focusing on sourcing from regional ingredients. This isn’t the only thing that sets them apart. So far, Sunday is the only day they serve brunch, including favorites like lamb crepinette, the savory Dutch baby, and more. If you’re a local, you know about this place; if you’re a traveler, you must visit while you’re here. 

Léon 1909 is open for brunch from 11am – 2pm every Sunday starting July 2nd. 631-749-9123

North Fork Table and Inn


Image courtesy of North Fork Table and Inn

Located in Southold and considered one of the best burger spots in town, the North Fork Table and Inn is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious burger and a spicy cosmo. The chairs alone will make you feel the utmost coziest of feelings since they’re lined with a fur you’ll want to take home. Another gastronomic must-see that sources directly from Long Island, it’s the perfect place to enjoy, eat and be merry. 

Brunch is every Sunday at the North Fork Table and Inn and costs $75 for a three-course menu that includes sweets. 631-765-0177

Orient Country Store


Don’t let the facade fool you. There’s a delicious brunch waiting for you on the inside. The Orient Country Store is a laidback shop with tons of history but now serves as a good store and eatery. Our favorites include brownies, coconut snack cake, and anything on the all-day breakfast menu. This is the type of place you visit for an experience or if you’re just in the mood for a good breakfast sandwich. 

The Orient Country Store is open Thursday through Monday, with daily brunch hours from 8:30 am to 3pm. 631-323-2580

The Ram’s Head Inn

Shelter Island Heights

Since The Ram’s Head Inn is right on the waterfront, it’s best to visit when the sun is out. The views alone will give your Instagram something to post about. While the inn is open year-round, brunch service is seasonal due to weather changes. Our favorites include the duck confit, the brioche-stuffed French toast, and the smash burger. 

You’ll find brunch here on Sunday’s from 11:30am – 3pm. 631-749-0811

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