Travel To George Town – The Colorful Capital of Penang, Malaysia

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George Town is a passenger-friendly city and is the capital city of Penang, Malaysia. A well-developed network of roads connects it to the other parts of the country. This town in Malaysia offers an interesting mix of the old and the new. Every inch of the land here combines creativity in its true sense and the attempt to preserve the past.

One feature sets this town above the other places to visit in Malaysia. Every single attraction in George Town in Penang is within walking distance. But you can explore Penang’s capital in a bright-colored trishaw if that is what you prefer.

The following are a few George Town, Malaysia attractions you should not miss.

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  1. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

This is a main attraction of George Town. Its indigo-blue façade style sets it apart from the others of the kind. The building features a Hakka-Teochew style. Authorities renovated it in the 1990s. They converted the site into a heritage boutique hotel. It is now a conservational project and has won numerous awards.

It has 38 rooms decorated with art nouveau stained glass. Straits Chinese floor tiles, five granite-based courtyards, 220 timber-framed windows and seven stairways. Have a one-hour guided tour here. You may even stay one night in the bed and breakfast facility here.

  1. Have a peek into the town’s colonial past

George Town, according to history, had been a thriving port in the past. The British who ruled here acquired great wealth through tin-mining, coffee and rubber plantations. Ships helped them export these items to the other parts of the country. Numerous buildings here attest to the town’s colonial past.

  1. The old Anglican Church

St George’s Church was opened in 1819. And it is the oldest church in Asia. The church was built for the influx of migrants the country witnessed in the 1900s. The structure combines neo-classical, English Palladian and Georgian architecture. This white-washed building is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. And its diversity still enthralls tourists from far and wide.

  1. Penang Hill

Penang Hill presents a captivating mixture of stunning nature, lush greenery, beautiful weather and colonial past. The landscape is a small hill station located in Air Itam in Penang Island. At an elevation of 833 meters, the site is just 9KM to the west of the city center.

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  1. Cheah Kongsi

The first among the five Hokkien clan houses of the region, the structure reminds us of the palaces and temples that are seen in China. The first thing that tourists notice when coming to this street is the columns decorated with British-style lion-head statues. They support a large balcony with iron railings. These are adorned with Dutch and Chinese carvings made of stucco and porcelain.

  1. China House

This is a combination of three connected heritage houses. This is now a famous art gallery. There is a small library and a cake shop. The shop is renowned for the large variety of cakes.

  1. Get acquainted with the local cuisine

Penang is hailed as the largest street food location in Asia. The cultural and ethnic diversity in the region lets users enjoy a combination of deliciousness and queer tastes. The night markets here remain open all through the week. A street food tour, along with your professional tour, is worth your time and effort.

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  1. Have a street art tour

This is a spectacular art gallery the town’s local council organizes.

This street art and statues gives a new life to the local art. The 20-foot statue of a girl in blue is a spectacle to behold. The sites like Weld Quay, Jalan Penang, Leith Street, Ah Quee, etc., are worth exploring if you love Malaysian art.

  1. Kek Lok Si Temple

This is Malaysia’s biggest Buddhist temple. Located at the top of Air Itam hill, the site dominates the region since the 19th century.

The area is divided into three sections: lower, middle and hilltop. It culminates with a statue of the goddess mercy among the buildings. The middle section features a pavilion of the four heavenly kings and a pagoda. There are also other gardens in the region. A large number of stalls and gift shops make the place a paradise for a shopaholic. An attempt to climb up the stairs may appear tough. But the effort is worth taking.

The star-shaped fort Cornwallis is another site no tourist can afford to miss.

Explore George Town. With the firms like RedBus, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Book bus ticket online on the go and have the time of your life in the colourful capital of Penang.

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