Wellness Inspired Travel with Children’s Author and Reiki Healer, Sarah Vie

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As we look forward to many more travel adventures this year and into the future, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, and Author Sarah Vie explains how essential wellness in travel is and reveals some of her favorite destinations to escape to for the utmost in peace and tranquillity.

Plus, she delves in to what consumers should look out for when it comes to seeking out a wellness-focused vacation, no matter where the world destination is located.

Please tell us about yourself and why wellness-focused travel is essential for all, including families.

My purpose in life is living with a peaceful mind, body and a grounded spirit. I am a meditation teacher, reiki healer and emotional healing mentor. Wellness isn’t just practicing at home. We get to make it part of our life even when we travel.

Even teaching our children to make health and wellness part of their every day routine can make traveling easier and connected.

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What should travelers look for in a wellness-focused vacation?

The first thing I look for in a wellness-focused vacation is food. Food is our fuel and when we travel it is important to make sure there is a variety of healthy options.

I have traveled to exotic destinations when I was a vegan. This type of eating is quite limited but I prepared beforehand to make sure there were vegan options. Good health and wellness destinations are able to accommodate all types of eating styles.

Where are some of your favorite destinations to visit for a tranquil and mindful escape?

My favorite tranquil and mindful destinations have always been ones surrounded by nature. Locations near Big Sur, California, any island in the Caribbean, and Sedona, Arizona.

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Tell us some of your favorite amenities at your favorite hotels and resorts, and why.

The healthy food amenities are what is important to me at hotels and resorts. A good healthy breakfast to begin the day makes the stay even more pleasant. Having a good quiet area to sit and be present sets the tone for better digestion.

Is there a particular time of year you would recommend for wellness travel to achieve clarity and renewal?

Every month of the year I would recommend travel. The change of scenery from our everyday life can positively change our daily outlook.



Learn more about Sarah Vie by visiting her website.

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