Tips to Get the Most Out of Whale Watching LA

whale watching los angeles

Most of the major marine tours offer glacier and wildlife day cruises and whale watching LA is one of the best highlights of every tour. However, most people are disappointed that they are not able to make the most out of their whale watching.

Hence in today’s article, we are going to highlight some of the best tips for whale watching in LA.

Select the Right Season

We see several species of whales throughout the year; however, the majority of the whales are migratory hence the best chance of seeing them is during peak season. Humpback whales migrate to Hawaii and Japan during the winter months to breed in waters that have considerably less risk of predation. These whales come back around April and May.

According to recent trends, the best time when humpback whales are seen maximum is from May to July. The same applies to Gray whales and orca whales. Hence try to take a cruise during this time of the year.

Finding the Right Gear

The best place for whale watching is on the outer decks. In order to make it a comfortable experience we suggest you dress in layers and bring waterproof gear. Also, it is recommended for you to be prepared for any type of weather and accordingly carry stuff.

Talk with the Crew

It is important that you talk to the captain, crew and the onboard naturalists who will help you to watch for the important things in the cruise. Generally, every member of the crew is quite friendly and would be happy to answer all your questions.

calm water whale watching la

Make sure you are ready with your Camera

Whether you are carrying a DSLR or an iPhone, make sure to take some of the best snapshots from the photo. In order to get some of the great photos, be ready with your camera in hand and making sure it is fully charged.

If you are using a phone then turn it to the camera mode or video mode so as to take some scenic photos and videos of whales breathing, surfacing and diving.

Always Be Patient

Generally, whales as creatures are very unpredictable hence you should try and be patient to understand their behavior in order to anticipate their next move. The humpback whales generally have a downtime of about 3-8 minutes, so we recommend you to stay onto the deck and wait for some time, as generally most of the travelers say as soon as they reach their cabin, the whales pop back and they are unable to take a good shot of it.

Try to keep a look at the direction the whale was traveling and try to watch in that direction. The onboard naturalists will help your share their in-depth knowledge and prediction about when the whale will pop up next.

Summing Up

These are some of the tips you can use in order to make your whale watching experience memorable and joyful in LA. Till then, happy whale watching!


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