Why Should You Renovate Your Home in the Summer?

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The summer is well and truly upon us, and it has felt like a long time coming for many of us. The summer months feel very much like a new start, with long and bright days giving us the time and energy to invest in the things we care about. Why not invest in your home in the summer too?

Renovating your home might seem like something that can be undertaken at any time of the year – and, to some extent, it is. But while you might be tempted to relegate your housework to colder and darker days, the summer could well be the best possible time to start. Why, though? 

Ideal Conditions

One of the major reasons for which you should be considering summer as an ideal time for undertaking home renovations is, quite simply, that summer weather is better for renovation outcomes. Weather can impact various renovation projects in different ways, and summer weather can be conducive to better results or easier working in different ways too.

For example, re-painting an entire room introduces paint fumes, which are incredibly harmful for you to be exposed to. When painting, any rooms being painted should be well ventilated for at least 24 hours, starting with the first daub of paint. In the winter, this can pose a problem; a combination of open windows and sub-zero temperatures makes for uncomfortable working conditions, while the higher likelihood of rain or snow could see water making its way into the space and ruining some of your work.  

The summer weather means you can comfortably ventilate spaces without risking your health in a different way, or risking your progress. Warmer weather is also often better for working with timber, where colder and drier conditions can warp or alter the wood.

Improved Prospects

However willing you may be to DIY your way through your home renovations, there are some renovation projects that should absolutely be outsourced to professionals. These might be electrical or roofing projects that present unique risks to the worker, or specialised projects that require expertise and skill to complete to a high standard. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to pin down the workers for a project – with the summer being one of the better times for hiring contractors. 

One example for this might be found in the installation of energy efficient insulative materials, to improve the heat retention qualities of your home in the winter. Many homeowners might not have the foresight to invest in heat-related renovations until temperatures start to drop, meaning workers that specialise in insulation are more likely to be oversubscribed in autumn and winter. As such, your prospects of booking re-insulation renovations would improve in the summer months.

More Enjoyable

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for the casual renovators amongst you, getting started on house renovations or redecorations in the summer months is simply more fun than doing so in the winter. As touched upon above, there are practical concerns associated with winter working, but personal enjoyment also plays a huge role here. Working on your home, whether outdoors or indoors with the windows open wide, allows you to bask in the nice weather and derive some pleasure from the process.

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