10 Best Places to Buy Horse Trailers Near Me

horses in a trailer

You can find countless places boasting of selling the best horse trailer near our localities. But you need to understand that every one of them doesn’t furnish quality trailers. A trailer should be safe and sturdy for you and your horse. 

From escape doors to location and size and windows, every detail of the trailer matters because it is mostly a one-time investment for the long run

We have gathered the 10 best places to buy the horse trailer near you. This data highlights all the available places or brands that will allow you to make a fair choice. 

Double D Trailers

Double D trailer

There is a reason why Double D trailers form the first position on our list of the 10 best places for a horse trailer to buy from. First of all, it has almost every kind of trailer option available. From gooseneck, bumper pull, and living quarters to Double d trailers’ horse trailer LQ, you can find any kind of trailer here. Secondly, it has excellent customer service, guarantee, and warranty service. 

The expert manufacturers from double D trailers always remain ready to implement your choices into trailers by presenting countless customizable options. The most popular and best type of double-d trailer is its gooseneck trailer. You get the best affordable prices here along with quality trailers. The trailers are spacious and adopt modern technologies for functioning. The prominent features of Double D trailers include:

  • Bump roof systems to prevent fiber composite leakages
  • Z frame technology
  • Galvalite skin
  • Rear safety separators
  • Continuous new upgrades according to your needs and preferences
  • Vinyl wrap along with cabinets
  • Multiple orientation choices

Featherlite Trailers

Featherlite Trailers

Featherlite trailers have around 5 decades of experience in manufacturing trailers, motorcycles, hauling cars, livestock, etc. The parent material of Featherlite trailers is aluminum. 

It provides a 10-year structural guarantee on its trailers. From living quarter, and gooseneck to bumper pull, featherlight has plenty of options for every kind of horse trailer. The features of Featherlite trailers include:

  • Featherlite allows customizability which means you can add and remove the required characteristics from your trailer. 
  • It comprises aerodynamic hay racks and convenient care flooring.
  • The exteriors are covered with dual sheets with the bottom wrapped with aluminum wave panels.
  • Fans and airflow dividers for cooling
  • Tie rings and customizable sofas.
  • LED strips and LED load lights.

Cimarron Trailers

Established in 2000, cimarron has arrived as one of the topmost brands furnishing quality trailers. Its chief principle is building a reputation among viewers, innovating something that pleases the customer’s eye, and continuous advancement for the betterment of time. Cimarron has expertise in building livestock trailers and aluminum trailers. 

The aluminum trailers are lightweight, hence easy to carry forward hauling with your horse. The best product of the Cimarron trailer ever is the Norstar Cimarron trailer which allows hauling from 2 to up to 8 horses. Cimmaron’s Norstar is available in bumper pull, straight load, slant, and gooseneck types. The features of Cimarron trailers include:

  • Customizable side ramps and rear single gates.
  • All area variety of color options and hay rooms
  • Allows hauling from 2 to up to 11 horses
  • The company has several branches in 90,000 sq. ft. 

Shadow Horse Trailers

Shadow Horse Trailers

If you are looking for affordable or less expensive trailers, then Shadow Horse Trailers should be your first choice. Handling shadow horse trailers is effortless as its tagline says, “pulling a horse trailer is as easy as 1,2,3”. 

The trailer frame, roof, interlocking floors, and exterior walls are all built of aluminum. Shadow horse trailers boast of providing steel-like benefits in an aluminum horse trailer. Other features of shadow horse trailers include:

  • Hefty rear tacks, huge bus windows
  • Sliding mid-tacks, exclusive horse area ventilation
  • Have plenty of options including livestock, living quarters, and bumper pulls.
  • Built by experienced manufacturers with years of experience 

Lakota Horse Trailers

Lakota horse trailers signify ” riding a legend”. And why not? After all, they have about 200 years of experience in manufacturing and furnishing quality horse trailers. 

Hence if you are looking for some experience easily catching builders, then Lakota horse trailers are your next destination. These lines can be justified by a 3D tour of the manufacturing of Lakota trailers present on their official website. The list of exclusive features of Lakota horse trailers includes:

  • You can order a horse trailer whose heights range from 7 to 19 feet.
  • The trailers are built here in bulk. The features and other customizable options you want to add and remove can be done later.
  • The Lakota horse trailers provide excellent services even after purchasing. Its customer care is known to be the best among the other brands of horse trailers near you.

Logan Coach Trailers

Logan Coach trailers have the most exclusive types of slant load trailers. The three popular slant loads of Logan coach are named crossfire, bullseye, and riot. 

It has an intelligent trailer system that promises the security of trailers while hauling. You can find trailers from low to high budget on Logan coach. Other features of Logan coach trailers include:

  • The rubber flooring system absorbs all the ill particles inside and also has a thick layer on the floor to protect the horse from catching injuries.
  • Plenty of choices are available including stock and combo, straight load trailers, slant load trailers, trailers with living quarters, etc.
  • Trailers comprise thick layers of vortex rubber which reduces the outside of the trailer from getting oxidized and hence, retains the look of the trailer for a longer time.
  • The tubing frame of trailers is also galvanized which doesn’t get rusted easily.

Kingstar Trailers

Kingstar Trailers

The Kingstar trailers are established in a modern era in the year 2018. Kingstar trailer’s principle is mostly based on recent technologies such as automatic watering procedures for horses’ convenience, modern hydraulic systems, hay movement, and efficient corral technology.  Other features of Kingstar trailers include:

  • USB outlets, LED lights, mirrors, and hat racks for persons traveling along with horses.
  • The lavish interiors for long-term hauling and heading to horse racing competitions.
  • Spacious to fit in people and cargo
  • Also available in bumper pull and gooseneck horse trailer types with the capacity of hauling up to 3 horses together.

Merhow Trailers

Merhow Trailers have been in the trailer industry for the last 6 decades with decent retail customer reviews. The trailers are all built of aluminum. Merhow Trailers provides two options to choose from which they called Bronco and next generation. 

Next-generation non-LQ allows you to choose from straight load and slant load configurations. While in Bronco, there are options to choose from gooseneck, bumper pull, straight load, and slant load trailers. The next generation also has a super-premium horse trailer with living quarters. Other features of the Merhow trailer include:

  • Hefty trailers along with tie-downs and bulky latches for extra protection 
  • The escape doors and interiors of super premium horse trailers with living quarters are lavish and give a grand polished look.
  • The trailers come up with an 8-year structural warranty.

Adam Trailers

Adam trailers have been furnishing quality trailers for the last 4 decades. The main branch of Adam trailers is in Southwest Virginia. Not only trailers, but Adam trailers also have car haulers, utility trailers, and toy haulers. From gooseneck trailers to bumper pull configurations.

Adam trailers have plenty of choices to choose from. Their trailers can tow up to 1 to 12 horses at a time. The trailers have ramps that ensure easy and safe loading and unloading of horses. The prominent features of Adam’s trailers include:

  • Have plenty of choices to choose from gooseneck and bumper pull configurations. 
  • Their most popular and lavish options to choose from include feed managers, tack storage, dressing rooms, and living quarters.
  • Aluminum frames assembled for equestrians 

Trails West Trailers

Trail West trailers give stress to the strength and durability of trailers to ensure the security of your darling horses. It mainly has 5 models of trailers in its wardrobe. These are:

  • Horse trailers
  • Stock combo trailers
  • Living quarter trailers
  • RPM free-ride trailers
  • Snowmobile trailers

Other prominent features of trails west trailers include:

  • Aluminum frames embedded with steel frames ensure the potency of the trailer 
  • Unique paint finish in structures other than aluminum to decrease the overall cost of the trailer
  • The sheets are painted with an automotive primer which is easy to maintain and doesn’t require costly acid washes to flicker
  • Flooring is rooted at a distance that can be replaced anytime with normal hardware present in the market.

Wrapping Up

Hence, this was all about the 10 best places to buy horse trailers near me. We have presented plenty of choices via the above-mentioned brands. They are affordable to lavish, every option attending in front of you. You can opt for any of these brands according to your needs and preferences. 

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