5 Small & Meaningful Touches at a Wedding

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As you plan for an unforgettable wedding, you may find that there is a plethora of details to prepare for. From the flowers to the catering, as well as the wedding favors, you’ll need to think about a variety of things to make sure it’s the wedding of your dreams. Most of all, you want your wedding to be meaningful for you and fun for your guests. Here are a few ways you can achieve this:

Small and sweet wedding favors

It’s always nice to include something small and sweet for your guests, as a thank you for them being there. More than likely, your guests are people that you really care about and who are happy to see you get married. So, a little reminder of the special day is a beautiful touch.

Whether it’s cookie wedding favors, essential oils for aromatherapy, or mini succulents for them to take home, wedding favors are always a good idea. Many people like their wedding favors to be something that reminds guests of something unique about their love story, but they can be anything you want.

Think about the symbolism of your flowers

Did you know that many flowers have some type of meaning behind them? If you’re looking for ways to add meaningful touches to your wedding day, consider using flowers that have a meaning that you can identify with for your wedding. For example, lilies mean love and devotion, while daisies mean new beginnings and affection.

Whether you have a special meaning for each of the flowers in your bouquet or add a meaningful flower or two to your floral table arrangements, it can be a beautiful way to do something special with the use of flowers. 

Celebrate your cultures

If you come from a culture that is rich in tradition, consider incorporating something from both of your cultures to celebrate at your wedding. If you or your partner is Lebanese, a Lebanese pre-wedding party tradition could be a beautiful addition to your wedding.

Perhaps you could celebrate with a ‘lazo’ if you’re from Mexican descent, or a Vietnamese tea ceremony to remember your ancestors. Anything that is a common tradition in your culture’s weddings could be a meaningful thing to add to your wedding day.

Incorporate a theme with a nod to how you met

Whether you met traveling across the world or at a local skating rink, consider doing something fun and unique by incorporating a theme. Whether it is party favors that nod to the way you met, or your entrance/welcome table is set up with that theme, it’s fun to remember what brought you together in the first place at your wedding.

If you’re already looking for a specific theme for your wedding, this could be an ideal option to discuss with your wedding planner

Don’t be afraid to put inside jokes in your vows

Some couples think about the guests that will be attending when writing their vows. However, your wedding is an act between you and your sweetheart. You want to include things that are meaningful for you and your partner, whether it’s inside jokes or special memories.

If you’ve got a plethora of inside jokes, include them. If you have a funny story that is “so you,” don’t shy away from telling it in your vows. And, perhaps if the two of you already have children from previous marriages, consider including vows for each other’s children.

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In Conclusion

From the flowers that you use to the way you set up the entrance to the ceremony to the bridal jewelry you wear, there are a variety of ways for you to add meaningful touches to your wedding. Cultural traditions and fun wedding favors are all details that you can use to tell a story—your story of love.

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