6 Kitchen Trends We’re Leaving Behind in 2023

New modern all white kitchen with simple cabinets, narrow drawer

Some kitchen designs and trends are timeless, such as brass accents, quartz countertops and stainless-steel appliances. These have not only made out lives more manageable but are also staples when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen. 

However, some trends have been proven to be unproductive, useless or simply ugly, which is why we are leaving them behind. But besides kitchen trends, cooking and cleaning tips are also slightly exaggerated. Overall, the best kitchen advice when it comes to design is neatness. As long as everything is clean, organised and fresh, everything will work and run smoothly. 

Let’s see some expired kitchen trends that must be left behind in favor of more modern kitchen designs


The all-white kitchen trend was roaring a few years ago when celebrities were promoting the minimalistic look with their white houses, just like Kim Kardashian’s. From the empty entryway to the white kitchen with its giant island, everything about that property seems bland, but it was admired by many in the past. However, nowadays, people are tired of white everywhere, and muted pallets are starting to get avoided in the market aisle. 

The all-white trend will be changed with colourful and vivid tones in people’s kitchens. Experts say that 2023 kitchens will be painted in two or three complementary shades that delicately (or not) blend together. One of the most expected kitchen trends this year is dark wood cabinetry, which is a timeless and classic option for those who want a forever beautiful kitchen.

Open shelving 

Open shelving has been praised so many times for providing a more authentic look to people’s kitchens. The problem with this design is that you can’t hide it when it gets messy between the shelves. This trend works best only on Pinterest, where aesthetically pleasing shelving is presented as a goal to achieve. 

Although it may seem a practical choice, it won’t look as in the posts you see on social media, which is why the trend is losing hype. On the other hand, closed shelving makes everything look more organised and neater, and you can easily hide your clutter by only closing the door to your cabinet. If you already have open shelving in your kitchen, you can get some replacement kitchen doors to match the room’s aesthetics.  

Contemporary aesthetics 

People have lately run away from anything contemporary, modern or minimalist, and that’s because this “clean” trend starts to be bland and lacks personality. We can attest for sure that it’s easy to clean, but you can achieve a modern look with many other attractive designs and colour mixtures. 

That doesn’t mean falling into maximalism and stuffing your kitchen with plants and other colourful, useless things. Shifting from contemporary designs in your kitchen can be anything from choosing to paint it in interesting tones, such as dark greens and blues, while the countertops can be made with veined marble, which looks more than luxurious. In 2023, we’ll see fewer of these modern and lifeless kitchens and more coloured and neater ones. It’s not on us; the experts say it!

Waterfall island designs 

The waterfall island design simply doesn’t add any personality to the room and makes it cold and unwelcoming. These islands are considered best when it comes to designing your kitchen in a modern fashion, but since 2023 is made for personalised and colourful kitchens, we’re leaving this countertop design in the past.

What you can approach instead are painted islands. You can paint the island base in a powerful colour to contrast the soft tones around the kitchen. Some interesting choices include deep forest green, tear blue, red and richer shades of brown.

Another interesting trend is the butcher-block island, which isn’t necessarily stylish; however, this design will make your life easier as it provides functionality and durability. A butcher block island can have many functionalities added to it, such as a mini fridge for extra storage space and your favourite drinks. 

Granite countertops 

Granite countertops were all over the internet for a while. At least influencers were designing their kitchens and bathrooms with only granite countertops. But they have some disadvantages. First of all, they can be pretty expensive for the limited repair options they provide. At the same time, installing them requires a professional, and maintenance is challenging because they stain easily from almost anything. 

Some other great countertop options for 2023 include the following:

  • Quarts is low-maintenance and is included in a wide range of colours and patterns products
  • Laminate is heat-resistant and durable, while the prices are affordable
  • Wood is an excellent choice for your meal prep surface but requires monthly treatments
  • Porcelain is trendy and fresh and is exceptionally hard-wearing

Huge range hoods 

This trend has also been promoted by influencers, mainly on TikTok. Although these products are necessary for someone whose family is big or who needs to cook daily, trust us, if it’s only you and your partner, you really don’t need these huge hoods. It’s best to analyse the actual size of your kitchen and get appliances that match the space so that the kitchen doesn’t get visually busy. 

Consider that these big appliances need more cleaning and storage space and are even more expensive, so why get something that’s unnecessarily big? If you want something to fill in the kitchen so that it doesn’t look dull, you can get a more oversized table, for example, for all the guests or even upgrade your storage. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.  

Given that most people don’t have enormous kitchens, it’s best to make the most out of the space. That means opting for invisible hardware (or customising it), maximising floor space and getting rid of clutter. 

Final thoughts

In 2023, we’re leaving these trends behind and designing our kitchens the way we like. If you don’t want your kitchen to get out of style or if you are afraid, you’ll get bored of the modern look, try to have a more personalised decorating approach. 

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