Friday, September 29, 2023
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Kathryn Bird

Kathryn Bird never planned to get her own motorcycle. She certainly never planned to quit her job and set off on said motorcycle to explore the world. But when her daughter grew up enough to want to go ‘on the back of Daddy’, Kathryn lost her pillion seat. Pulling on her big girl pants, she took her motorcycle test, bought a bike and promptly scared herself silly.  After much coaxing (and a new bike), she tried again- and fell in love with motorcycle touring.Now, she travels almost full-time with her husband and their cocker spaniel, still on her own bike (despite the fact that their daughter has now grown up.) In the past three years they have visited 17 countries and driven nearly 30,000 miles- not including the times they were lost. She is passionate about inspiring others to experience the freedom of time on two wheels, whether it’s a long weekend or a month away. You can read more about Kathryn’s adventures, tips and ‘How to’ guides at www.bikergirllife.com