Best Jobs for Coffee Lovers

ground coffee on wooden table

Coffee is one of the major sources of fuel for every human being. The worker’s nectar gives us the energy to make those early mornings. It is so popular that many jobs are well suited for those who love a good latte. Jooble is an example of how many of these jobs are well suited through preferences and evaluation. You could work a coffee roaster job, serve them as a barista, or simply work freelance and get as much as you need. We have the best jobs designed for all those coffee lovers out there.


barista making pouring latte

This is the most known job associated with coffee. No doubt that if you enjoy coffee, you will have encountered a friendly barista to serve you your fuel for the day. If you work as a barista, you get to serve coffee to those that equally make them just as happy. Being a barista is an essential retail job. You will be interacting with loads of customers. Plus, you will be learning about how to make these goods efficiently. It has decent pay and often makes the national living wage. Salaries can range between $23,000 to $35,000, depending on where you work.

Coffee Tester

You have surely heard of food tasters and their role in creating amazing dishes. The same can be applied to coffee as well. There are jobs where you can be hired to taste test a variety of beverages. This job requires you to provide honest reviews and unbiased opinions. You will be responsible for representing the potential customers of this coffee and how they react to it. You can write down your review in detail or simply speak with the experts. The average salary for a coffee tester aims from $18,000 to $32,000.

Coffee Blogger

Similar to the job above, this one adds a little of a “freelance” element to your work. Many people make money from running their own blogs and websites that provide information on the latest trends. Create a blog centered around the world of coffee. You can write reviews on the latest releases, give tips on how to make the perfect cup, or simply discuss matters on the benefits of such a drink. Start up your own blog using a website template and add subscriptions for people to get more content. Your pay will be determined by subscriptions and advertisements placed on your site.

Green Coffee Buyer

This particular role will undoubtedly take you to faraway places. The job of a green coffee buyer is to purchase the knowledge and ingredients for making the next best coffee. You will be trying out coffee in various exotic places, but you will also be researching how to replicate or improve on specific recipes. You could end up in places like South America, Italy, Vietnam, Columbia, etc. Visit the world’s coffee capitals and set off on a world-renowned journey of caffeine discovery. Depending on the role, the salary could go from $50,000 to $100,000.

Coffee Roaster

coffee beans scoop

This is the most essential job ever associated with coffee creation. The job description is similar to a beer brewer or running a wine vineyard. The science behind turning coffee beans from plants into smoky powder creates your morning cup. A coffee roaster requires plenty of specific knowledge in the field. There are plenty of places to get real experience in being a coffee roaster. Because of where you can work, the salary itself cannot be pinned down so easily. It will be based on how much work you put in, how many hours you work, and if you have a connection to a larger brand.

If you have a passion for everything related to coffee, these are the perfect jobs to take. Make sure that you align them with whatever previous work experience you have. For example, any experience in retail can make you an excellent barista. If you have other talents, these can apply to many of the examples above. Whether it be writing, science, or agriculture. Don’t hesitate to apply if you see exciting job postings. Maybe the job of your dream is just a few clicks away. Coffee can open up many possibilities for those who wish to pursue them.

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