Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas You’ll Love

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There is nothing worse than watching the sun shine on a glorious afternoon and realize that your backyard just isn’t in shape for you to go and sit outside and enjoy it. When it comes to spending money on home improvements most of us understandably decide to invest on the inside of the home where we will be spending most of our time.

The reality, however, is that for just a small investment you can find many ways in which to give your backyard a makeover. Here are some tips on exactly how you can do it.

Vertical Garden

beautiful flowers colored daisies
Backyard makeover ideas

Most yards don’t have spaces where you can plant foliage and pretty flowers, which of course can dramatically add some aesthetic value to the space. The perfect option therefore is to look to create a glorious vertical garden which is easy to install and low cost too.

Take an old pallet, which you can pick up for free in a warehouse or for a very low price, and stand it upright against a wall. Here you can add some simple planters to the rungs and install your very own, bright and colorful vertical garden.

Turfing It Out

Turfing your yard is not going to be dirt cheap, but you can certainly make it happen without going overboard with your money. In fact if you look at a firm like Musturf they have some great options, which look like real grass, that are perfect for this space. Transforming your yard into a garden is the ultimate makeover and it is something that will really invite you in.

Create a Firepit

Firepits are a lovely place to spend your evenings in the yard, watching the sunset and the night fall. These are created very simply using sharp sand to create a small beach area, and some chopped logs for seating. In the center of the beach you can add a small chimnea or hearth, which are also very low cost. If you do wish to spend a little extra then invest in some tiki lamps for that ultimate coastal effect. This is a great way to spend your time both in the sun and at night in your yard.

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Painting The Fence

Instead of just painting your fence with creosol or another bland color, why not look to add an attractive mural which will provide a talking point. Adding some paintings of flowers, birds and other garden life here will make your yard look more attractive, larger and much more inviting than it is right now.

If you are a dab hand at painting then you can take on this project alone, if not you could pay a small fee to an art student to create the design of your choice.

As you can see, there really is no reason to invest crazy amounts of money in the rejuvenation of your makeover ideas backyard. Give these ideas a try and you will see just how big a difference they can make.