Considerations When Choosing an Engagement Ring

engagement ring with scrabble love letters

Are you planning to propose? Congratulations! It’s an exciting and happy time. Yet, with so many fabulous engagement rings available, how do you find the perfect one for your partner?

If you’re caught up in the thrill of the moment and feeling a bit lost, don’t fret. We’ll help you determine the perfect engagement ring by looking at the following essential considerations.

Your Partner’s Style

The perfect engagement ring should complement your partner’s style. You want to give a ring that sparkles as much as they do. 

So, look at the colors and styles of your partner’s fashion. 

Do they love a particular color? From red rubies to green emeralds and deep, ocean-inspired blues, there are all sorts of gemstones for the perfect engagement ring. 

Are they bold and daring, or do they prefer something more conservative? A smaller engagement ring may suit them better if they’re more traditional. However, if they love fashion, something modern, trendy, and perhaps large will be perfect.

Are they the adventurous, outdoors type? If so, a smaller engagement ring will be less likely to get damaged.

These clues reveal how they like to express themselves on the outside. The jewelry they wear is another fantastic indication of their style preferences.

Once you’ve got an idea of their style, a jeweler can assist you in picking out the perfect engagement ring. 

These jewelers can also guide you through protecting your investment. They know the right engagement ring insurance that will fit your needs.

Determine Your Budget

There’s a saying that you should spend the equivalent of two to three months’ salary when buying an engagement ring. Luckily, this is an old-fashioned saying. Nowadays, you should create a budget that’s suitable for you.

An article reported that 50% of couples spend less than $5000 on engagement rings.

To set a budget for an engagement ring, you should do a little research. You may come across high estimates for the right engagement ring. However, there are ways to reduce costs and still get a ring that your partner will love.

One way is to take a look at the cut of the gem. Some gem cuts are more expensive due to their complexity and rarity. For example, an emerald-cut engagement ring will be more costly than a radiant cut. So doing your research will be worthwhile for your budget. You will also want to save money for the wedding cost if you’re planning a big wedding day.

Avoid Following the Crowd

You can choose something other than the currently trending engagement ring of the year. Trends, like proposal trends, change often. In contrast, engagement rings are forever.

It’s best to put some thought into the engagement ring. Your goal should be to find one that’s timeless and holds a special meaning for both of you. Here are a few pointers to help you choose a timeless engagement ring:

  • The ring should first be a statement of your love, not a fashion accessory.
  • Is there a shape or specific color that has a special meaning to you both?
  • Do you want to include a personal, engraved message on the ring?

Think about these questions and how they affect your choice of engagement ring. Let your answers guide you to the perfect engagement ring. 

Pick A Metal

An engagement ring’s metal plays a significant role in how it looks. Traditionally, engagement rings contain yellow or white gold, silver, and even platinum. Rose gold has become a modern favorite.

To help you choose between the different metals, it’s best to consider your partner’s lifestyle. Some metals, like gold, scratch easier than others, like platinum. However, platinum is scarce, so platinum engagement rings tend to be more expensive.

So, consider their lifestyle and your budget when deciding which metal you want. 

Finally, the metal type should complement the gemstone. The fiery red from rubies often pairs well with warm gold. In contrast, platinum works well with colder gemstones, such as aquamarines and diamonds.

Choose A Gem and Shape

Another significant cost factor is the gem and its shape. 

Do you want one large gem, such as a diamond? Or would several smaller stones, like emeralds, better fit your needs? 

You don’t always have to choose a diamond. One popular trend is to select birthstones for an engagement ring. Choose a decent-sized gemstone and compliment it with smaller diamonds. It creates a unique engagement ring that could fit your budget and complement your partner’s style.

Get The Right Finger Measurement

Finally, getting the right finger measurement is a no-brainer. It’s one of the essential considerations for buying the perfect engagement ring. Unfortunately, many have proposed with either too-small or too-big engagement rings.

Getting your partner the wrong size can mean horrible consequences. If the ring is too small, it can cut off your partner’s finger circulation. If it’s too big, then your partner runs the risk of losing the ring. It should be tight-fitting but not oppressive.

When you get the right fit from the start, there won’t be any risks or extra costs to refit the engagement ring.

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