6 Must-Have Fashion Accessories to Elevate Your Style

woman with blonde hair wearing rings and knitted shawl
Credit: Brooke Cagle

Spring has sprung, and before we know it, we’ll be basking in the sun under those warm summer rays. That means you need to pull your wardrobe together to make sure you have the best outfits to upgrade your spring and summer fashion accessories.

If you want to make a bold impression, you need to curate unique outfits that make a statement.

The best way to do that? With fashion accessories.

Accessories can make or break your outfit and are a great way to show off your personal style. To help you make a name for yourself in the fashion world, we’ve created a list of six must-have fashion accessories for both men and women that will elevate your style.

Beret or flat cap

Hats are a great way to make an impression. For women, add Parisian flair with a neutral-color beret in black, gray, or white. Paired with a contemporary streetwear outfit, you’ll pull off that French-chic look you’ve always dreamed of. Before you know it, you may even be gracing the front cover of Vogue or strutting down the runway during New York Fashion Week. If you’re looking for la haute couture, a beret is a perfect choice.

For men, try the beret’s male counterpart, the flat cap. A tweed flat cap will turn any outfit into a classic ensemble that will make you look like one of the Peaky Blinders. The trim silhouette creates a triangular side profile that accentuates your facial construction, and is even warm, making it perfect for brisk mornings and cool nights. Here at Taelor Boutique, we offer the biggest online collection for men.

woman with sunflower colored sweater with bangles bracelets blue nail polish
Credit: Mike Von

Bracelets or a Wrist Watch

A flashy watch is a great way to draw attention to your personal style. Nice watches for men are larger with bigger faces and more dials, while classy watches for women are more simple and smaller in appearance.

When choosing a watch, make sure it fits your wrist perfectly. You don’t want it sliding off your hand or turning upside down. If you’re wearing a belt, make sure your watch matches the strap and buckle. So, if your watch has a tan leather strap with a gold clasp, make sure your belt has the same. This will create a cohesive look that ties your outfit together.

You may also decide on bangles, stackable bracelets that compliment your earrings and or necklace, and statement bracelets.

bangle bracelets gold on display
Credit: Alexandra Lammerink

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are making a comeback. For women, large hoop earrings were popular back in the 1970s, coming in silver, chrome, tribal, and kinetic designs. Fast forward to today, large hoops exudes confidence and make a bold impression.

For men, you can take it down a notch with smaller hoops that caresses the bottom part of your earlobe. You can wear a small hoop on just one ear or dress up both of your ears with a simple pair of hoop earrings. You may find more choices here.

Layered Necklaces -Fashion Accessories

Create a unique look by pairing different necklaces for a chic, layered look. You may decide to wear two dainty necklaces, one hanging just an inch lower than the other. Consider wearing a dropdown pendant with the top necklace. You may also layer a body chain for a cool, chic look during the summer months.

A minimalist choker, and a lariat necklace or with different sized necklaces creates a full look, perfect for going out to dinner or to a concert.

Lastly, if you are wearing an open back shirt or dress, bring the front of your necklace or body chain to the back for a creative style.

woman wearing 3 necklaces black shirt
Credit: Marcelo Rangel

Quirky Sunglasses

Sunglasses are perfect for elevating your style. There are so many different types of sunglasses you can pair with your outfits to create a fashionable look that makes anyone envious. When searching for sunglasses, consider your facial shape.

Those with round faces will look better in more rectangular glasses, and those with sharp features like a defined jawline will look better in round sunglasses. Some quirky, yet stylish sunglasses you may want to try include:

  • Heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Colored sunglasses
  • Aviators
  • Retro-square sunglasses
  • Cat-eye sunglasses
  • Sport sunglasses

Clutch or Messenger Bag

We all have a classic handbag or backpack to carry our items, but sometimes we need something a little edgier for those days we want to make a statement. For women, choose a bejeweled clutch or handbag with an embellished design that flaunts your personal taste. For men, try out a cross-body messenger bag.

For a sharper, more refined look, get one in leather. For a more subdued and relaxed look, try one made from canvas.

topping rose house coif leathers clutch hamptons
Credit: Jennifer Satinsky

Putting it all together

With these six fashion accessories, you’ll be on your way to taking your outfits from drab to fab. From watches to sunglasses and earrings to hats, these accessories are wardrobe must-haves that will elevate your style.

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