Emotional Crossroads: Should You Break Free from a Relationship?

Emotional young woman quarreling with upset boyfriend
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You may not know when it is time to break free from a relationship. It’s never the easiest thing to do, but it is often the right one. Being unhappy causes all kinds of issues, such as a communication breakdown leading to abuse. So, here are some signs to watch out for.

Getting Out is Always On Your Mind

Thinking of ending a relationship is normal. There are good days and bad days, and it isn’t uncommon to feel like leaving now and then. However, there is a difference between the occasional whim and being genuinely unhappy to the point of having the decision weigh heavy on your mind. You aren’t alone, as around 60% of couples are unhappy. A family lawyer can offer advice and help with the legal complexities of children, property and any other assets.

Your Needs Aren’t Being Addressed

A healthy relationship has give and take, but mostly should be 50/50. We all have roles and responsibilities. But there are also needs. And needs can be tricky to navigate. Some of us have emotional needs, physical or medical needs and even sexual needs that a partner might be unable to fulfil. More often than not, it won’t do either of you any good to stay in a relationship where requirements aren’t being met, and breaking up may be necessary.

Break Free from a Relationship the Right Way

A happy marriage is a wonderful thing. But the sad truth is that many of us will experience a breakup. Breaking up is tricky. A recent survey found that almost 60% of Americans have had “messy” breakups. If you are thinking about it, it helps to go about it in the right way:

  • Write out what you mean and want to say to your partner without passing blame.
  • Consider how the conversation will look from different viewpoints.
  • Prepare yourself for an emotional scenario and how you can stay calm.

When considering splitting from your partner, always try your best to keep their emotions as unharmed as possible. This helps avoid anger and unsavoury actions as the process begins.

Emotional and Communication Breakdown

Dismissal, disgust and destructive behaviours towards each other are symptoms of a complete breakdown of a relationship. Any of these means the relationship isn’t healthy, and there is little respect for one another. These are often caused by an inability to communicate effectively and address emotional needs. This kind of contempt is usually a precursor to divorce, and any signs of this may be an indicator that a breakup is necessary if nothing else is working.

Toxicity and Abuse Cause Unhappiness

At the end of the day, a partner should make you happy and give them in return. Why on Earth would you spend your life being miserable? However, it isn’t that uncommon, but there are often far worse issues than simple unhappiness. Around 20% of people experience some form of domestic abuse at some point. Hitting, shouting and controlling money are common issues in a domestic abuse setting. Try your best to get away from a toxic relationship such as this.


If leaving is always on your mind, then it might be time to break up from a relationship in the right way. To do this, list the reasons and how you wish to communicate this. Consider your partner’s emotions when doing so. Always try to leave if a relationship is toxic or abusive.

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