From the South to the North: How to Go About Exploring the Other Half of England

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Despite being a relatively small country, it can often feel as though exploring the other half of England can be a lot more difficult than it should be. The travel times are long unless you decide to fly, in which case you might still find the costs to be quite high, and due to your familiarity with your area potentially being more localised, you might not be sure where you should even start exploring.

Some tips online can help you to start remedying this issue, but it can also be useful to simply know the best place to begin if you’re interested in a Northern holiday.

Train, Plane, Bus, or Car?

London Underground Train at Station
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These can feel like your four primary options for getting around, and your personal choice is likely going to depend on the stations or airports near you, and your ability to drive up there yourself. The latter option might be more appealing if you have some friends to go with so that you can turn the entire expedition into a road trip, but you might also find this to be true of the other modes of transport to an extent. 

Trains and buses can be much longer, however, and so it’s important to bear this in mind when you pack, ensuring to bring forms of entertainment to keep you occupied. Your phone can achieve this as well, and save you packing space, but downloading podcasts or having some games available, such as online casinos with no deposit bonus codes, might help the time go faster.

For a City Break

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Different people are going to be looking for different experiences here, and you might, yourself, lean towards a city break, curious to see how the urban areas of the north compared with that of the south. From the midlands upwards, you have popular cities, like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, York, and Newcastle. Even here, it depends on what you like to get out of city breaks.

If you’re more interested in smaller and more broadly historic areas – such as Edinburgh or Bath – you might find yourself leaning towards York. However, if the appeal of active nightlife proves more compelling, you may well think about visiting Newcastle, despite its distance, with Manchester and Liverpool perhaps also being candidates here.

A Natural Escape

The Lake District in England Europe
The Lake District

It might also be that you’re more interested in a rural adventure, in which case you have the option of both the Peak District and the Lake District, places that are well renowned for their beauty. While these two candidates might prove to be option enough for you, you also have several other national parks up north, such as Northumberland, the Yorkshire Dales, and the North York Moors.

With all of these choices, there’s no reason that you can’t turn a potentially longer holiday into one that incorporates both urban and rural exploration to see as much of what the north has to offer as possible. 

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