How to Make Your Vacation End with a Bang

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You’ve visited a lot of great sites on your vacation and eaten some exotic foods, and you wonder what’s next. How do you end your vacation the right way to make it truly memorable?

A lot of vacations end with a whimper, kind of just letting the air out after all the excitement that has come before. Many times, our vacations end with us feeling tired and ready for a vacation from our vacation, as they say. 

How do you make sure that your vacation ends spectacularly and that you don’t regret the last few days of it?

Give Yourself a Day at Home

A lot of times, the vacation has to wind down slowly instead of going out with a bang because you know you will have to get right back to work and responsibilities as soon as you get back. You start to pace yourself and make sure you are not out late at night, and that can make the end of the vacation seem like a downer. If you don’t want that to happen, then plan an extra day for yourself at home after the vacation is over.

You should have at least one day where you get to relax and not have to do much. Annie who works for Staten Island House Cleaning says, “If you think you’ll be coming back to a messy house and have a lot of chores to do to catch up on, you may want to hire a cleaning service to handle that for you”. If you didn’t think to give yourself a day of rest after the vacation, you may want to call your employers before you get back and request an additional day. Many times, they will be understanding and will allow you that extra day to recover. This lets you end your vacation however you like. 

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Stay Up Extra Late

As the end of the vacation approaches, you may realize you don’t have to save your energy up for anything else. There is nothing left to see or do on your schedule, so you can stay out late and not go to bed until whenever you feel like it. Why not make the most of that last day or so and really do something special with it? Why hold yourself back from having fun when you know that you don’t have to keep any energy reserves for the next leg of the trip. Besides, if you will be travelling back on your last day, you can always catch up on sleep in the plane. Why not save your waking hours and your energy for when you have the opportunity to do something and not waste it on the boring flight back home?

Take advantage of that last day in a foreign country or in a distant city and see what the nightlife has to offer, find places that are open 24 hours, or just go for a walk when almost everyone else is asleep. You can see a different side of the area this way, experiencing what you might have missed out on during the rest of your vacation. 

Buy Something Lavish

As you come upon the end of your vacation, you might notice that you kept your spending under budget. You have done well with your money, and now you should reward yourself. This is the time to buy something a little extravagant, not to max out your credit card or anything but to give yourself one last special thing to remember about your vacation. If you don’t, you might regret it later.

This would be the perfect time to go to a fancy restaurant– something that might have been out of your price range for much of the vacation. Why not take in the best food that your vacationing spot has to offer? Be sure to try a dish you can’t get at home or try something that the area is famous for.

Maybe you could just buy yourself a nice souvenir. It doesn’t have to be something kitschy and made just for tourists. You could buy a local hat or other garment or perhaps a painting or other piece of art to take back with you. Then, you can store that at home or at your workplace to remind you about the vacation.

You could also take a tour you have been wanting to take. Maybe this is your chance to go on a sightseeing tour, a bus tour, or a boat tour. Maybe you can spend that last day visiting a museum or special exhibit that you didn’t have time for earlier or you didn’t think you would have money for. 

You could also try an activity you didn’t make time for in your vacation yet, like snorkeling, spelunking, sailing, rock climbing, or something else that may use up your energy or the last of your vacation budget but that will make a memory to last a lifetime. 

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Make Friends

Have you kept mostly to yourself during this vacation? Maybe not, but you wish you had made a friend during the trip. If that’s the case, why not go out of your way to make a friend before you go back to your normal life? You could do that during any of the activities I suggested already, taking the opportunity to make a friendly connection with someone you meet as you go out to eat, visit a museum, take a tour, or enjoy some other exotic vacation experience. 

The friendships you make in your travels could stick with you for the rest of your life, so why not try to make at least one new friend before you leave? That’s something that could put a big smile on your face as you are headed back home.

These are just a few ideas for how you can take the last part of your vacation that is often the lazy leg and turn it into something exciting and memorable. Hopefully, one of these suggestions can help you to end your vacation with a bang. 

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