How to Move a Freezer

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The freezer is a complex, rather fragile, and very heavy mechanism that requires careful handling. Even if you are moving freezer short distance to another room, it is worth reading this article and getting ready for proper transportation. Below, you will find comprehensive information on how to prepare your freezer for a move and complete the process properly.

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Prepare all packing and moving supplies

How to transport a freezer with ease? If you’ve never done it before, you might be surprised at the existence of furniture sliders, special trolleys, and moving blankets. However, they facilitate transportation and guarantee the safety of your belongings. Therefore, before transportation, you should prepare everything you need.

We recommend wrapping the freezer in blankets or towels. This will protect the floor and walls. Also, if you don’t have a trolley, you can make a pad with another blanket and drag the freezer across the floor. This will reduce the applied force by several times, and you will be able to drag or push even very heavy equipment. If the freezer has legs, you can put furniture gliders on them.

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Defrost a freezer

Unlike other heavy equipment, the freezer requires specific maintenance. It must be defrosted before moving. Otherwise, the ice may melt during the freezer move and damage the surroundings. Defrosting does not require technical skills, so everyone can do it. First, disconnect the freezer from the power supply. Then open it and take out all the shelves. Usually, defrosting takes several hours.

If you want to speed up the process, you can put a container of warm water inside. Be sure to keep towels and rags ready to remove excess water. Make sure the freezer is completely defrosted and dry inside before loading.

Clean out the freezer

Since food is stored in the freezer, dirt and unpleasant odors may remain inside after defrosting. Gently wipe all interior surfaces, including the shelves, with a soft sponge soaked in the cleaning solution. Pay special attention to big spots or large food residues. Regular baking soda will help you fight bad odors. Leave it inside for a few hours to absorb the bad smell. Also, baking soda and vinegar paste is an excellent cleaning agent.

Wrap the freezer in blankets and secure it to the trolley

We already mentioned this tip when we talked about moving blankets. Under no circumstances should the freezer be hit or dropped, so it must be handled with the utmost care. Blankets will act as an airbag. Wrap them around and secure them well. It is especially important to protect the part containing the compressor and electronics. It is convenient to use packing tape as a fastener.

How long can a refrigerator lay on its back? Better to keep it upright all the time. So, once the freezer is ready, load it onto the trolley. Attach it with straps to avoid vibration and other dynamic loads while moving a freezer. If you find this task challenging, you may contact professional movers Bay Area to SoCal.

Load the freezer into the truck

After you have brought the freezer to the truck, you need to load it there. If you’re not sure about how to transport an upright freezer, choose a truck with a sufficient height. The most crucial moment is the rise. Make sure there are no obstacles in the truck so that you can quickly place the freezer on a plain surface.

Take your time: do all movements slowly. Moving straps can help you with lifting. If you follow all the recommendations, the question “How to move a freezer by yourself?” will no longer stand.


Moving a freezer can be a challenge if you are not prepared for the process as you should. With the tips provided above, this process can be quick and easy. And Got2Move can not only help but also reveal valuable secrets for your other moving plans!

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