WLNY-TV’s Marci Hopkins Dishes On Her Favorite Wellness Routines

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Award-winning television personality, Marci Hopkins, is no stranger to spreading hope, empowerment through wellness and self-love. These inspirational conversations begin for her viewers every Saturday at 10am EST on CBS owned WLNY-TV 10/55.

On her Saturday morning show, Wake Up with Marci, she and her guests share candid stories and life experiences through meaningful and educational conversations. Marci wishes for every viewer to “Wake Up” with her and follow through with these conversations that inspire strength, hope, and perseverance.

We recently sat down with Marci Hopkins, where she shares her healthy morning routine habits, how she commits to working out on a regular basis, and her essential fuel-packed foods in our interview below.

Tell us about your morning routine habits. What are your three life essentials for starting your day?

When I first wake up, I connect with God through meditation. I say up to 10 things I’m grateful for, living in gratitude has changed my life and then I enjoy a cup of coffee, and do some writing. Whether it’s for my show or my book. I’m most creative in the morning before the business of the day happens.

How do you successfully integrate a regular fitness and wellness routine into your busy schedule?

I schedule my workouts so I am sure to do them. A commitment to myself, just like anything else. It’s also important to use your words carefully, instead of saying “I have to work out,” say “I’m scheduled to work out”. No one has ever regretted a out.

I have also made healthy eating a way of life. Eating well and keeping healthy has to be a way of life for it to truly work, this is what I have found for myself. You say diet and then it becomes a burden and a set up for failure.

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Where are some of your favorite wellness-focused destinations in the US and why?

I love Florida because you can get outside and walk or meditate on the beach. I also eat lighter because it is warm. I have also had significant mind, body, soul breakthroughs at Canyon Ranch in Arizona.

What have been your favorite topics to touch upon on your show this past year?

Definitely mental health, addiction, reinvention, mindset and spirituality.

What are your five favorite essential foods that you always have in your fridge? Your pantry?

Healthy peanut butter/Almond butter and David’s Killer Bread. I eat this every morning! Cottage cheese, fruit, turkey slices, hummus, and celery are always in my fridge.

Please share some of your favorite beauty tips for the spring and as we transition to summer.

The first is body scrub, hair mask, sunscreen, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, and fresh color on the nails.

Wake Up with Marci is now a podcast! Listen on iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Amazon. You may find Marci Hopkins on Facebook and Instagram @wakeupwithmarci.

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