Preparing for your Holidays with Friends

woman walking with backpack and luggage

While summer might be drawing to a close, that needn’t mean that the holiday season is coming to an end with it. Some of the most beautiful and compelling locations in the world are best seen during autumn. At this time of year, the sunsets are more spectacular, the crowds are a little bit thinner, and you won’t have to pay quite as much as you did during peak time.

It’s an ideal time, in other words, for a holiday trip with your friends. Preparing for such a trip can often make the difference between a successful, stress-free experience and its opposite.

So, what does the right preparation look like?


You’ll need to work out where you’re staying and how you’re going to get there. Travel arrangements should be made as far in advance as possible, especially if you’re relying on planes and trains. Advance booking can help you to avoid disappointment. The same goes for your accommodation. Hotels fill up quickly, even if you’re travelling off-peak. Don’t take anything for granted: get everything booked in advance. If you’re travelling with friends, then this might allow you to be lodged in adjacent rooms, too.

If you’re going to drive and share driving duties, then it makes sense to invest in temporary car insurance for the days you will be travelling. This way, everyone will be covered, and the burden of acting as taxi won’t fall on one person.

Travel documents

If you’re going to be holiday overseas, then a passport is an absolute must. You can renew your passport online and have it arrive within a few weeks. If things are urgent, however, you might opt for the premium service which will turn it around more quickly.

Bear in mind that some countries might not allow you to enter if there is insufficient time left before your passport expires. Check the requirements of the country in question before you set out in order to avoid disappointment.

Check travel allowances

Different airliners will impose different baggage allowances. Worse, these allowances will change frequently. Make sure that you’re under the limit before you set out or invest in extra luggage allowance. You can pick up accurate luggage scales quite cheaply, and the investment might save you plenty of time and stress.

Consider health insurance

Spending a little bit extra on health insurance will give you peace of mind. While it’s not pleasant to consider the prospect that you might become seriously injured overseas, it’s always a possibility. You don’t want to be saddled with an enormous medical bill, so guard against the possibility.

Take cash with you

You’ll get a better exchange rate if you pick up a little bit of cash in advance. If you’re going to be spending a lot of money overseas, then look at a credit card that doesn’t charge you an exorbitant amount.

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