The Different Types Of Coffee Drinks

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Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and felt confused about some coffee drinks they are offering? So many coffee drinks with different names, some in other languages that sound unusual, add to the confusion. Coffee drinks are quite popular worldwide. It is not surprising that each country has its particular method for producing the coffee tastes they enjoy.

If you want to try some of these delicious options but need to figure out what’s in the drink, well, you are in luck. In this guide today, we explain the different types of coffee drinks, next time you are in the coffee shop, you will have an idea of what you’re ordering. 

We will also show you how you can make some of your favorite coffee drinks because most of them include three main ingredients coffee, milk, water, and in some cases, liquor. To make the different types of coffee drinks, however, you need to know the ratio of the ingredients.

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Espresso is one of the most well-known coffee names. Because of its clean, thick taste and heavy body, it is the simplest yet one of the most delightful coffee beverages. Because of these characteristics, all other coffee beverages use espresso shots as the foundation of their formulas.

Espresso may be produced using a variety of coffee beans, but the best coffee bean to use is pure Arabica. In reality, because espresso is a highly concentrated coffee drink with a robust flavor, it is the ideal method to experience the coffee flavor notes of various varieties of coffee.

Espresso, like many other well-known coffee beverages, is an Italian creation. To prepare espresso, use finely ground coffee and an espresso machine. The coffee will be packed tightly into the portafilter, and the high-pressure water will filter through the coffee grounds. In no time, a little yet concentrated extract will be produced. This is why it’s referred to as espresso or “express” in English.

You may also consider brewing flavored coffee beverages.

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Red eye

The Red eye variety combines the much-talked-about espresso and brewed black coffee. That’s all there is to it.

Add a shot of espresso to your regular drip-brewed cup of coffee, and you’re done! Red Eye, a more caffeinated variation, is now ready to drink. Red Eye is one of the most common forms of coffee drinks used by Americans to remain awake late at night or to get up early in the morning.

Black eye

The Black Eye is a double Red Eye, including two shots of espresso and six ounces of drip-brewed black coffee.

Although the titles Red Eye and Black Eye may not sound like strong coffee names, Black Eye is one of the strongest coffee kinds available owing to its high caffeine concentration.


Macchiato is the Italian term for “spotted” or “stained,” It refers to the dots left on the surface of the espresso after a splash of steamed milk is poured on top.

To create a simple and pleasant espresso-based drink, a decent shot of espresso, and 1 or 2 tablespoons of steamed milk are all you need to make a superb Macchiato. It is critical to top the espresso with steamed milk rather than the other way around. Because this is a coffee drink with milk, you might flavor it with flavoring syrups or sweeteners to make it taste more like a dessert.

So, make your Macchiato and enjoy one of the greatest coffee beverages available if you are into something strong but sweet.

Long Macchiato

Long Macchiato is one of the more creative coffee preparations, with each barista or coffee establishment having its unique variant. You don’t just pour the heated milk over the two espresso shots; you have to choose which one to add first, the espresso or the milk.

For example, you may enjoy the look of your Long Macchiato when the heated milk is at the bottom, the espresso shots are poured over it, and the foam is topped off. The crucial thing is that you appreciate both the coffee flavor and the gorgeous composition of your Long Macchiato’s layers of ingredients.


This coffee drink is popular in some of the world’s most passionate countries, including Spain, Portugal, and South America.

Cortado is Spanish for “sliced,” as in “cut coffee.” It is a coffee drink with a shot of espresso whose potency is reduced by half with a dash of milk. However, unlike the Macchiato recipe, no heated milk is used. Warm milk is required for a real Cortado.

The espresso and warm milk are combined in a 1:1 ratio, so you get the same quantity of each. This quality is what makes Cortado attractive. It’s well-balanced, and you can experience the amazing coffee flavor of a good espresso as well as the snug, soothing texture of warm milk.

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Cappuccino is an Italian delicacy and one of their favorite forms of coffee, particularly in the morning. It’s sweet, creamy, delicious, and just right. The coffee aromas in the Cappuccino are delicious because the ingredients are carefully matched in a simple yet reliable method. There is nothing more or less.

To make a Cappuccino like a barista, combine two shots of espresso, 2 oz of steamed milk, and 2 oz of foamed milk. Depending on your tastes, drizzle it with cocoa powder, chocolate, or cinnamon. Get comfortable and enjoy this coffee-drinking marvel.


In Italian and Spanish, Breve means “short” or “brief.” Aside from the roots of its name, Breve is a more American innovation than typical Italian coffee beverages.

Breve is one of those coffees you just can’t get enough of. Its exceptionally fluffy texture and creamy, rich coffee aromas are similar to a Latte’s. In reality, the Breve formula is identical to a refined Latte.

Breve’s secret ingredient is half and half. Half-and-half means equal parts milk and cream. This rich dairy product is responsible for Breve’s distinct coffee taste and fluffy and delectable texture.

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