Top Spots for Sports Pilgrimages

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Sports fans will always be quick to voice their own personal opinions as to which club or sporting event they strongly believe is the best in the world based on its wider popularity and overall fanfare, however many fans have also expressed their desires to travel around the world to catch several marquee sporting matchups in person that they can successfully tick off their bucket list of ‘must-attend’ events.

The sporting industry as a whole is one of the most highly celebrated and popular hobbies from anywhere around the world as fans have continuously enjoyed watching their favorite players and teams in action no matter what individual sport that they have a vested interest in.

There are now multiple highly prestigious and profitable sporting leagues/competitions that continue to attract in fan support from all areas of the globe, with many of the industry’s most beloved organizations now aiming to take the overall fan experience to a whole new level.

Many hosting teams or neutral venues have now established a new wave of awe-inspiring stadiums that can house an unprecedented number of vocal spectators as well as premium hospitality facilities for guests to enjoy alongside other welcoming amenities.

For any die-hard sports fan who is interested in putting together a bucket-list for venues that they must attend at some point during their life, here are some of the very best sporting venues in the world today for each major sport that are well worth the price at admission and make for a truly extraordinary day out.

Football/soccer: Wembley Stadium, England

The newly revamped Wembley Stadium completed its construction in 2007 and quickly caught the attention of sports fans from a variety of backgrounds as it dons the now iconic Wembley arch that towers over the entire stadium which also has a staggering capacity of 90,000 spectators.

While Wembley is known for hosting many events from boxing to American football and even wrestling shows, it is most notably known as the home of football as it hosts the England international football team as well as several domestic and European footballing events.

One of the most beloved competitions that is always decided at Wembley is the F.A. Cup which is the world’s most distinguished domestic cup competition as it draws in fans from anywhere around the world who may also enjoy checking out all the latest F.A. Cup odds on 888 Sport.

Overall, the Wembley fan experience is ranked in the upper echelon of the best that football has to offer with many more events likely to be scheduled at this magnificent ground for the foreseeable future.

American Football: GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, USA

NFL fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding upon which venue is the best when watching the very best that the sport has to offer, however there is usually one consensus choice that many fans often have ranked as a must-visit stadium whilst on their travels.

Arrowhead Stadium is home to the dynasty in the making Kansas City Chiefs who have just recently won their third Super Bowl in just five years as they’re flanked by the best Quarterback in the league, Patrick Mahomes, alongside other superstar athletes and respected coaching staff, which already attracts a number of fans to Arrowhead ahead of gameday.

However, there is always one common denominator that sets Arrowhead apart from all other NFL venues even if the Chiefs are not playing up to par, which of course is the raucous fanbase that packs out the stadium every week of the season.

Arrowhead’s atmosphere has often been measured on the Richter scale, which is a device that is used for measuring Earthquakes, as nearly 80,000 fans are always on hand to cheer on their team towards glory.

Rugby: Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Japan

While many European fans of rugby would be quick to state that Twickenham and the Stade De France may be the quintessential best venues for any rugby contest, Japan’s Hanazono Rugby Stadium has certainly brought the true glitz and glamor to the rugby scene and provided fans with plenty of eye-catching additions that set this venue apart from its predecessors.

Despite only lodging in at a capacity of 30,000, its recent renovations have presented several new and improved facilities that were on full display throughout the course of the 2019 Rugby World Cup as well as hosting several J1 football league games.

This venue proves that size isn’t everything in the world of sport but rather how a venue presents itself, with this Japanese staple being one of the best venues that the country has to offer making a trip to Japan an even more enjoyable pilgrimage no matter where your interests may lie.

There are several other noteworthy venues that are well worth the visit for a variety of sports with these including Madison Square Garden for basketball and ice hockey events, MGM Grand for boxing and Yankee Stadium for baseball.

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