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Actress Shay Johnson never holds back when it comes to health and wellness. The Love & Hip Hop star, who also starred in VH1’s Flavor of Love, is also a successful business owner and avid wellness enthusiast and fitness guru.

So what keeps her motivated during the current pandemic quarantine? We recently spoke with Shay Johnson, where she divulges some great tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, her favorite wellness-focused activities, and which daily immune-boosting routine she swears by.

What has your day-to-day routine been like this past month? 

My daily routine basically depends on the day. I understand the coronavirus has stopped many businesses and brands from moving forward but I’ve been blessed to say my business has actually increased. I have an online health and wellness brand called The Healthy Hand (dot) com. My company provides all natural products such as full body detox, belly flat detox, and Black Seed Oil. I feel the coronavirus was a wake up call on the importance of keeping your body fit healthy. My products help build your immune system and remove toxins from your body. Therefore, during this time, I can understand why the business increased.

What are some tips you could share to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle during the current pandemic? 

My suggestion is to boost your immune system. A healthy immune system will help you fight off germs, viruses, and more. I use Black Seed Oil to boost my immune system. I take 1 teaspoon everyday. This black seed oil has been around for thousands of years due to its health benefits. Do your research, it’s amazing.

What foods are you enjoying at home? Are you cooking, ordering takeout or both?

I don’t order takeout, prefer to cook. I’ve been this way before the coronavirus because I’m heavily into health and wellness and I have to watch what I eat. The best way to do that is to cook for myself. If I do eat out, I’ll have a simple salad and I love vinaigrette dressing. When I’m home, I love to cook brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, sautéed green beans, and I can’t forget my vegan tacos: they’re the best. Everyone knows my favorite meal is salad, but I am a master at smoothies. 

What do you see people doing wrong right now and how can they turn that around? 

This pandemic has clearly altered all of our lives tremendously but the best course of action is to stay home. Until we find a cure, my opinion is non-essential businesses should stay closed. We don’t need to be a part of the problem by spreading the virus. We need to become a part of the solution and right now that is staying home.

“This the best time to be creative with a new business plan or come up with new ideas for your current business.”

Which wellness-minded activities do you think are most beneficial now? 

Exercise, eating properly, meditation, yoga, and reading. We have so much time on our hands due to this pandemic. This the best time to be creative with a new business plan or come up with new ideas for your current business. There are always ways to stay active.

Where is the first vacation destination would like to visit once the pandemic passes? 

My dream spot is Dubai.  I had plans on going this year, but unfortunately my plans were put on hold due to COVID-19. No worries, I’ll get to Dubai when it’s time. 

Please share some virtual events you have coming up! 

Instagram (@iamshayjohnson) is the best way to keep up with me. On Mondays, I go live with my show “Talk Talk with Shay”. There’s a different topic every week. We discuss politics, religion, health, wellness and more. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I am live on Instagram 7-9pm where I have my “Speed Date with Shay Johnson: Quarantine Edition”.

I also give free workout classes every Thursday at 11am, and I give free yoga classes on Fridays at 11am. My Instagram is pretty busy.

In between that time, my business, The Healthy Hand, keeps me busy. I’m mostly packaging orders for my detox and Black Seed Oil. Thank God orders are coming in daily.

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