Where To Look For Marijuana On The West Coast?

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America’s West Coast is extremely popular with cannabis smokers. It’s not hard to see why, since the weather’s great, the beautiful are friendly, and the beaches are beautiful. There’s really nowhere better in the world than the West Coast to sit back and get high.

However, because Cannabis smoking is so deeply ingrained in West Coast culture, it’s possible to find dispensaries on every street corner. Not all dispensaries are the same, though. Some produce and sell strains far better than others.

If you want to visit the West Coast, then this article will tell you where you should be looking for marijuana.

Los Angeles, California

When people think of the West Coast, they tend to think of Los Angeles. It’s hard not to really since Los Angeles is the iconic West Coast city. There are also a lot of Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries, making it one of the best places to go in all of America to find weed. It should be noted, California was one of the first states to legalise Cannabis, so there is an established and historic community of smokers there. Some of the nation’s best dispensaries are in L.A.

San Diego, California

San Diego is a stone’s throw from Los Angeles. It is another great place to go if you are looking for a premium bud. However, unlike Los Angeles, San Diego does not have a large Cannabis-smoking community. While a lot of people do smoke the drug, it feels like less of a community there than it does in Los Angeles, where everybody knows everybody. If you do plan on going to San Diego, then refer to the second half of this page to get advice on how to select a dispensary.

Oakland, California

Oakland is a city that’s known for its weed. More or less everybody there smokes it. The drug is widely available. It can be purchased on the street or in dispensaries. Funnily enough, much of the street Cannabis in Oakland is better than the dispensary-sold Cannabis. The reason for this is, in part, due to the area’s high crime rate. Because drug dealers were forced out of business by the legalisation of Cannabis, they were forced to grow high-strength, organic Cannabis. They did this so that they could compete with the large numbers of dispensaries opening up around them.

Boulder, Colorado

A lot of people forget that Colorado is technically on America’s West Coast. Colorado, which legalised weed a very long time ago, has a number of different towns known for Cannabis, and Cannabis communities. However, the town that is most popular (and most famous) is Boulder. Boulder is a lot of fun, mainly because of its comedy clubs. It’s a great place to go and smoke weed. If you want to smoke weed in the company of comedians and celebrities, then Boulder should be at the top of your list of places to go to.

Finding a Dispensary

Online Reviews

Moving away from the best places on the West Coast to find weed and onto how you can be sure a dispensary is worth working with, the first thing to consider is reviews. If a dispensary has positive reviews, then it is generally a good sign. Positive reviews mean that customers like working with a dispensary. It should be noted though, sometimes companies buy fake reviews. You can usually spot fake reviews, though. They tend to all be written by the same person (as in, in the same style) and are posted one after the other, in quick succession.

Different Choices

There are literally thousands of strains of Cannabis. If you are new to smoking the drug, then you need to find the strain that’s right for you. The best way to do this is to find a dispensary that gives you many choices. Make sure you find a dispensary with many different Cannabis strains on offer. In addition to giving you lots of choices, the dispensary you work with should also know all about the strains they sell (Purple Gelato, for example), so they can tell you about them (and you can figure out which is most suitable for you).

Consider Cost

Cost is a big consideration to make. In some places, like Los Angeles for example, Cannabis can be quite expensive. It tends to be more expensive in Los Angeles than it does in Boulder, mainly because the people who’re shopping in Los Angeles tend to be wealthier. If you do not take cost into consideration, then you could end up shopping with a dispensary that’s way out of your budget. Most dispensaries have e-commerce stores, so you can go onto their websites and check out their prices before you visit them in person.

Same-day Delivery

If the dispensary you’re going to be shopping with is in the same town or city as you, then you could qualify for same-day delivery. Most dispensaries offer same-day delivery, as long as you order before a certain time. If the dispensary you’re shopping with is not in your town, then you might only be able to get next-day delivery, with a courier, not with the actual dispensary. If you plan on buying weed from a dispensary offering same-day delivery, then bear in mind the fact that same-day delivery tends to come with a large premium. You have to pay a lot more for it than standard 5-7 day shipping.

Organic Produce

Finally, try to find organic Cannabis. What’s the point in buying weed that has been sprayed with synthetics and harmful adulterants? Most people are turning to organic food now, so turn to organic weed, too. If you buy weed that is non-organic then you could end up exposing yourself to chemical fertilisers. Chemical fertilisers, while only found in trace amounts in non-organic Cannabis, are then absorbed into your body when you smoke your weed. Organic Cannabis is grown without the use of chemicals, which makes it healthier. However, organic Cannabis is also a lot more expensive.

Cannabis is one of the world’s most popular recreational drugs. In the United States, where the drug is now legal in many states, the West Coast is the best place to go in order to buy it. Read through this post and give the tips here some consideration if you want to find a good dispensary, and get a good deal. 

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