Why The Copper Mug is Significant to The Moscow Mule Heritage

moscow mule with lime and mint

Very little is mentioned about the iconic copper mug when tracing the roots of the Moscow Mule. Note-this item contributed tremendously to what this vodka cocktail stands for today.

While the copper mug has dwindled into oblivion in the 21st century, you cannot separate it from the Moscow mule success story. This mug was directly responsible for the Hollywood frenzy that popularized this drink in the 1940s. It was at this time that people began taking drinks in copper mugs.

The copper mug did nothing to add to the flavor of the drink. It did, however, create a platform to market the Moscow Mule as a new product. Putting it in a regular glass would not have had the same impact. The copper mug mug pushed the Moscow Mule through the ranks and was directly responsible for its fame and market penetration.

Evolution of the Copper Mug

prepping moscow mules with crushed ice

The copper mug was used as a drinking vessel much earlier than 1941. This item traces its roots as far back as the mid-17th century. It was a common feature in India, the U.S, and parts of Europe. Its popularity, however, came as a result of its use in 1941.

However, people began to identify the copper mug with the Moscow Drink Recipe as time passed. Rumor has it that Sophie Brezinski, a Russian immigrant, was simply at the right place at the right time. Sophie’s primary concern was how she would dispose of 2000 copper mugs. She was the designer of the mugs, and at the time, there was no market for them. Having immigrated to the U.S with the mugs-she had the tedious task of trying to sell them.

As luck would have it, John Martin and Jack Morgan also had a similar predicament. John had just purchased a small vodka distillery at a time when no one in the U.S drank it. Morgan had a store full of ginger beer that was also unpopular with the locals. Little did they know that a simple, three-ingredient cocktail would solve all their problems. The birth of the Moscow mule in 1941 ushered in a new age and engraved itself in the annals of history.

Fast forward to 2022, and the copper mug has become ubiquitous with the Moscow mule. This component is a huge selling point and a part of its appeal. Companies have since invested in this product to bring back the original Moscow mule. JJ. Resnick, a direct descendant of the Brezinski family, launched the Moscow Copper company in a quest to revive this drink’s initial appeal. He set out to recreate the original design and give revelers a chance to experience this drink at its best.

Why Serve Absolut Drinks in a Copper Mug

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The use of copper mugs for the Moscow mule is to preserve tradition. While it may have happened by luck, this item contributes to the heritage of this iconic drink. This tradition may not count in modern circles, but this component has some value.

The copper mug may not add to the flavor, but it keeps it cool and refreshing. Some experts claim that the oxidation of the copper boosts the scent of individual flavors and makes them more pronounced. It also enhances the flavor and gives the cocktail a more distinctive taste.

There are concerns that copper has some adverse effects when it contacts acidic drinks. However, these issues do not relate to this drink as the ingredients do not surpass the dangerous PH levels.

The Moscow mule and the copper mug intertwine in history. Both share a jointly exhaustive history. This link is why you cannot truly enjoy this drink and its heritage without a copper mug.

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