A Guide to the Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Cheerful father with three little daughters playing together at home
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Let’s face it: most men are hard to buy for. Usually, boys have already bought their toys which leaves little choice for those wishing to give them a present. However, there are a few fail-safe options that are sure to work that you can invest in this year. Here’s our guide to the best gifts for Father’s Day to help you find the perfect present for your dad or grandad. 

A bottle of aftershave

Sometimes, the simple ones are the best! You can’t go wrong with a bottle of your dad’s favourite aftershave. If you’re not sure which one he prefers, seek advice from other family members. Alternatively, get him a new scent to try from a designer brand that he might not usually spend on.

A luxury watch

If you are honouring a special occasion alongside showing appreciation this Father’s Day, consider investing in a luxury watch from a leading Swiss brand. You can choose between traditional styles and smartwatches and high-end features that range from water resistance to gold detailing. The sheer excellence of luxury timepieces means that they will last a lifetime and could even become a family heirloom.

Gardening tools

It is a cliché that most men like to spend time outdoors, but this does seem to be true for most! Why not check out the tools in the family shed and see if any are missing or need replacing? While a new pair of secateurs and some seeds to grow might not appeal as a present for you, there’s every chance that your dad will love them. 

Hiking gear

For outdoorsy dads that like to venture out beyond the garden, why not gift them new hiking gear? If you have siblings, you can all come together to get a joint present of a new jacket or walking boots that will see your dad through summer and into the colder seasons. Even something simple like a headtorch or walking poles can make a huge difference to your dad’s enjoyment of his favourite outdoor activities. 

Customised cufflinks

Does your father spend a lot of time in suits? A great way to show your love and gratitude is to present him with a pair of customised cufflinks. You can choose fun designs that are personal to him or stick with something more straight edge such as silver or gold cufflinks with a small engraving. Even if your dad doesn’t have a formal office job, these will come in for special events. Cufflinks are also something that he can treasure forever, like the luxury watch.

Fancy family dinner

Is your dad someone who would prefer to do something special rather than receive a physical present? Why not plan a fancy family dinner at a posh restaurant and pick up the bill? A more laidback version of this idea is to plan a fun family day out to celebrate Father’s Day and work together with your other relatives to make a big picnic lunch.

A special event

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with buying tickets for a special event. Whether it is a sports match, comedy show, gig, or theatre production, your dad is sure to have an amazing time! You could also go with him to create memories that can be cherished together. 

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