Are Online Psychic Readings Accurate? I Tried A California Psychics Reading Online And This Is What I Learned

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This article is sponsored by California Psychics. All opinions are mine alone.

Open your heart and your energy to creating and recreating meaningful connections. For me, those connections were with some of my pets that had passed on within the last few years. Knowing they are fine and still with me in spirit means more to me than anyone will ever know.

What is it like to have an over-the-phone psychic reading?

California Psychics is open 24/7, so you are able to make that connection and time for yourself day or night. I chose at night at about 9pm, or just after my children went to bed. After you create your account and log on, browse through their catalog of psychics by topic. Topics include everything from psychic abilities like clairvoyant and clairsentient to psychic styles from inspirational and compassionate to straightforward. You will then see which psychics are available or busy and their current wait times.

Then, choose your psychic advisor based upon their abilities, topics (pets & animals, past lives, money & finance, etc.), their star rating, and cost. I picked Mira, one of California Psychics’ newer psychic advisors who focuses on the topic of pets & animals. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of my pet’s current emotions and behaviors as well as connect with my recently deceased pets, including Amy pictured below who passed away of old age in January of 2020.

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Prepare for your California Psychics Reading:

  • Make sure you are completely comfortable with no outside distractions
  • Prepare your favorite beverage and settle into your favorite cozy spot either indoors or outdoors
  • Have a notepad ready with questions or ideas
  • Set the amount of time you would like for your reading
  • Listen and open your energy to the reading

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I requested a call back for a twenty-minute reading with Mira. Our call was a total of twenty-five minutes in the end, as I wanted to hear a little bit more about Amy as well as her thoughts on our new pet Linda, recently adopted in March of 2020.

You will hear a single beep with a one-minute reminder that your time is almost up if you are about to run out of credits on your account. You can choose to add more funds or wrap up the call.

Remember to take notes during your reading for future reflections!

Takeaways from My California Psychics Pets & Animals Reading

The first mention Mira made before we delved into my pets that have passed on was the notion of the desire to take a road trip as opposed to a vacation. Interestingly, I had been actively discussing that desire with close family and friends less than a week ago, sort of like a ‘just get up and go’ road trip as a family for a weekend for a change of scenery.

Then, there was the mention of not wearing the right shoes. This notion ‘fit perfectly’ as I typically run about with my flip-flops on with my athletic wear. This told me that I should take greater care when selecting my footwear when I jumpstart my day.

Next, we began with questions. We started with my cat Puffy, who passed away in November of 2018, then Tigger, who passed away in November of 2020. After I described Puffy, he came in right away. Puffy instantly walked in and said, ‘thank you for my beautiful life.’ Then there was an image of snow. Interestingly, Puffy passed away the day before the first snowfall of the season.

Then, Amy stepped into the reading. Amy passed away in January of 2020 when I was in Manhattan. Mira knew right away that Amy had beautiful green eyes and expressed how much she loved the food we gave her. Then there was the tale about her little tail that would swish about and how she reminded us in life to slow down and cherish all of the positivity and comfort around us.

Tigger came in to the reading a little bit slower. Tigger wanted to let the other cats go ahead of him, as he did during his days on earth. He also brought mealtimes to our attention and how he appreciated the attention that he was given at his mealtimes on earth, and he thanked us.

Lastly, Lucy came into the reading. Lucy was our darling cat who we rescued in July of 2013. She passed away of old age/kidney failure in September of 2015. Mira noted how Lucy was very loving and was very much a lap cat and visits us often. She also mentioned how Lucy was very much a lady and always loved to keep herself clean, as well as her love for sleeping in the windowsill to sun herself. This was something she did on a very regular basis.

The reading was very comforting, and it was extraordinarily important to know that my cats in spirit are all well and that they know how much we still love them and always will. This was a heartwarming reading that I will cherish for many years to come, and I loved how Psychic Mira approached the reading with empathy and kindness.

I already look forward to my future readings. I saved at least six to eight additional psychic advisors with different abilities and topics that range from career to deceased loved ones who I would love to have a psychic reading over the phone within the future.

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The California Psychics Blog

After your individual reading, California Psychics encourages you to head to their blog to understand the deeper connection and meaning you may have just discovered. There are a variety of topics to read more about, including Destiny & Life Path, Career & Money, and Animal Sights & Symbolism.

Animal Sights & Symbolism

California Psychics’ blog has dozens of different articles about animal sightings and their meanings. Examples include the meaning of bee sightings, elk sightings, peacock sightings, tiger sightings, and gorilla sightings. California Psychics breaks down what these sightings mean, what do these sightings represent, and most importantly what do these sightings symbolize for the one who spotted them. The Hummingbird Sighting article and the examples of energy and determination and how that culminates within our lifelong journey particularly touched me.

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The overarching message was to never give up. Ironically thinking back, I realized I had seen several hummingbirds while on a recent trip to Vail, Colorado. It was also during a time where I was feeling unusually overwhelmed with work. The hummingbirds there reminded me to be flexible and embrace some time for rest and relaxation.

My Next Reading

With this being said, I would like my next reading to be with a life path psychic. I would love to learn more about my connection with hummingbirds. I have always been so fascinated and mesmerized by them. But I would like to learn more about why this is and how to tap into this energy.

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Get Started with Your California Psychics Reading

Visit California Psychics to book your reading today. Use the promo code eastend10 to get $10 added to your account when you purchase your first reading.

This article is sponsored by California Psychics. All opinions are mine alone.

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