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As we transition into the fall season, we must still stay focused on our wellness habits. From the ideal treatments, nutrition tips, and holistic wellbeing, Shannon Conklin of Organic Edge in Water Mill shares her favorite tips and insights. 

Which treatment sequence do you recommend most for busy moms as back to school commences?

As kids begin going back to school, moms first and foremost need to relax. All of my clients are getting their Cryo treatments and their Colonics while talking or texting on their phones. They are trying to get in treatment while still accomplishing the various things they have to get done. When I get them in the wellness pod however, they are forced to take time for themselves without their phone.

Having a Colonic or a Cryo treatment followed by the Wellness pod gives them the time they desperately need for themselves to disconnect and truly just be in the moment. We can reduce fat, tighten skin and cleanse them, but the true work happens when they get to relax while they detox in the pod. With the warmth, vibratory massage and healing vibrational music, we can really provide them the break they need while receiving all the health benefits of the pod.

Why is fall in particular an ideal time to think about wellness?

I personally make wellness a priority year-round. This is how I stay optimally healthy no matter what is happening. However, going into cold and flu season, particularly this year, I think the best way to protect ourselves is to get ahead of it with preventative wellness. 70% of our immune system is located in our digestive tract.

There have also been numerous studies done on sauna use and its positive effects on our immune system. We have such little control over our external environment that we must focus on our internal one. Putting our bodies in balance lets our immune system do its job to keep us optimally healthy.

What are your plans for the fall for Organic Edge?

Because the landscape out east is definitely different this year, we will stay open 6 days a week to support our current and new year-round community. We want to bolster the feeling of being at home out east, for the new east-end families as they make it their home this year. We have a wellness community here that is ready to help support the east end.

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Inside the colonic treatment room at Organic Edge.

Please share the best foods / meals you recommend to pair with each treatment at Organic Edge, before and after?

For Colonics, we ask that you not eat anything too heavy 2 hours prior, to avoid gassy foods before and after the treatment and to come in as hydrated as possible.

When someone comes in for a Cryo Slimming, we ask that they not eat any carbohydrates or sugar 2 hours prior and 2 hours after the session. As we are freezing the fat cells, we want to starve them as well for the best possible result.

For the Wellness Pod, we just want clients coming in as hydrated as possible and drinking a ton of water after the session as well.

What are some of your favorite benefits for Organic Edge’s treatments?

I named the space Organic Edge because I want to provide a “wellness edge” to my clients with natural therapies. Depending on where the client is starting and what their goals are, we work together to help the body work optimally. Our goal is always to help bring the body back to balance.

If your body is stressed and its response is to hold onto waste, or you’re holding on to extra weight or you’ve overindulged in foods that do not make you feel good, we can help the body hit that reset button.

We recently unveiled our newest treatment offered at Organic Edge, Emsculpt!

Emsculpt is a revolutionary new body sculpting machine that lifts and tones the body without surgery. Muscle is being called the organ of Longevity and for good reason! Skeletal muscle works with the immune system to balance inflammatory cytokines, it’s our largest glucose disposal site and it keeps our bodies physically functional and strong. 20,000 crunches or squats in 30 minutes?

If there is a quick way to build up muscle, sign me up! 

shannon conklin at organic edge water mill hamptons new york colonic
Shannon Conklin, Founder of Organic Edge. Images courtesy of Organic Edge.

How can we help maintain these benefits for the long-term?

What you do when you leave really determines the long-term benefits. We can help hit the reset but returning to the same lifestyle that caused the imbalance in the first place, will eventually put you back in the same place. No one lives a perfectly healthy lifestyle, nor should they. Indulgence and fun are part of living a balanced life too!

I personally live an 80/20 lifestyle where I make healthy choices for my body 80% of the time leaving the last 20% for whatever makes me feel good mind, body and soul.

Perfection isn’t the name of the game, its balance. Stress is the most toxic toxin and stressing over perfection only works against my health goals.

With the holidays fast approaching, what are some things that people can do to help with holiday bloating?

If digestion is something you struggle with normally, optimizing that before the indulgence of the holidays is key. Let’s get things working optimally prior to all of the holiday eating so your body has the best chance to digest and absorb. Balancing stomach acid levels (most people with digestive issues do not have ENOUGH stomach acid), possibly supplementing with digestive enzymes or better yet digestive bitters and utilizing fennel tea are all things that really help.

We have upcoming blogs posts regarding these digestion hacks, so stay tuned for more details on how to beat the holiday bloat!

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