Gemstones Have Specific Vibrating Frequencies – Here Is How To Utilize Them

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Gemstones are said to have specific frequencies that can be used in order to impact the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. When these frequencies are utilized correctly, it is said that they can help to heal imbalances within the body and bring about a sense of well-being.  There are many different ways to utilize gemstone frequencies. It’s important to find the method that works best for you. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Wearing gemstones

One of the simplest ways to utilize gemstone frequencies is to wear them as jewelry. The frequency of the stone will be absorbed by your body and can help to bring about a sense of balance. It’s important to choose the right stones for you, based on your specific needs. For example, knowing what snowflake obsidian means before wearing it is important. Additionally, it’s important to cleanse and charge your stones regularly so that they can continue to effectively do their job. This can be done by placing them in direct sunlight or moonlight for a period of time.

2. Placing gemstones around your home or office

One way to utilize the vibrational frequencies of gemstones is to place them around your home or office. This can help to create more positive and uplifting energy in these spaces. You can either purchase gemstone specimens from a store or online, or you can create your own gemstone collection by finding them in nature. Once you have your gemstones, simply choose a location for each one in your home or office. You may want to consult with a feng shui expert to ensure that you are placing them in optimal locations.

3. Meditating with gemstones

Another way to utilize gemstone frequencies is to meditate with them. This can help you to connect more deeply with the stones and receive their benefits on a more personal level. To meditate with gemstones, simply choose one or more stones that you feel drawn to. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and hold the stones in your hands. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. As you breathe in, visualize the frequency of the stone(s) entering your body. As you breathe out, release any negativity or tension that you may be holding onto. Continue this process for as long as you like.

4. Making gemstone elixirs

One of the ways we can utilize gemstones is by making elixirs with them. Elixirs are essentially water that has been charged with the vibrational frequency of a particular gemstone. This is done by either leaving the stone in direct contact with the water or by using the indirect method, which involves placing the gemstone in a container filled with distilled water and then setting that container in direct sunlight for several hours. Once you have made your elixir, you can drink it, use it to cook or add it to your bathwater. Doing any of these things will help to infuse your body with the gemstone’s vibrations.

5. Gemstone grids

Another way to utilize gemstones is by creating grids with them. A grid is essentially a geometric pattern that is created using stones. This grid can be placed on top of an area that you wish to cleanse, heal or protect. The stones that are used in the grid will work together to create a specific frequency. This frequency will then interact with the area where the grid is placed on. In this way, gemstones can be used to create powerful healing and protective energies. It’s important to cleanse and charge your gemstone grid regularly, in order to keep it working effectively.

6. Carrying gemstones with you

Another way to utilize the vibrational frequencies of gemstones is to carry them with you throughout the day. This can be done by wearing gemstone jewelry or by carrying them in your pocket. When you carry gemstones with you, their energies will mix with your own personal energy field and can help to raise your vibration. This is especially helpful if you are feeling low or down in the dumps. It’s also helpful to carry gemstones with you if you are feeling scattered or unfocused. Doing so can help to bring about a sense of calm and focus.

7. Sleeping with gemstones

Another way to utilize the vibrational frequencies of gemstones is to sleep with them. This can be done by placing them under your pillow or placing them on top of your bedside table. When you sleep, your mind and body are at rest, and this is when healing energies can be most effectively absorbed. Gemstones can help to promote deep and restful sleep, as well as reduce stress and anxiety levels. Some of the best gemstones for sleep include amethyst, lavender quartz, and blue lace agate. It’s important to cleanse your gemstones before using them in this way, as they will absorb the energy of your sleeping body.

8. Using gemstones in your skincare routine

Another way to utilize the vibrational frequencies of gemstones is by using them in your skincare routine. For example, using a jade roller on your face can help to reduce puffiness and inflammation. Jade is known for its calming properties, and it has a very cooling effect when applied to the skin. It’s also said to be helpful in reducing wrinkles. You can also use gemstone-infused oils or serums. Rose quartz, for instance, is excellent for promoting collagen production and keeping skin supple. Gemstone-infused skincare products are becoming increasingly popular, and you can easily find them online or at specialty stores.

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Gemstones are powerful tools that can be used to raise your vibration and promote healing. There are many different ways to utilize gemstones, and the best way to figure out which method is right for you is to experiment. Have fun with it and see what works best for you! It’s also important to cleanse and charge your gemstones regularly, in order to keep them working effectively. Whether you choose to wear gemstone jewelry, carry them with you, or sleep with them under your pillow, gemstones can be a powerful ally in your journey to wellness.

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