Give Yourself the Much-Needed Digital Detox this Year

hiking beautiful Garibaldi Lake
Garibaldi Lake

Perhaps the world was never meant to be how we see it today. We didn’t need computers, have Wi-Fi in our homes or be driven by technology in any manner. But as we are driven by circumstances, technology has become an essential part of our lives. We can’t help staring down at our smartphones and staying glued to computer screens all day.

As a result, we are becoming more susceptible to insomnia, anxiety and other mental disorders. And let’s not get started on postural issues caused by years of slouching at the work desk.

While stepping away from your gadgets is not easy, it’s a necessary measure for your overall wellness and longevity. That’s why it is important to turn off your devices and reconnect with your primitive roots, the way nature intended you to live and thrive.

Here are some of the most effective ways to incorporate a digital detox into your routine this year.

Read a book

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Leave your iPad or Kindle device alone. Pick up an actual book of your favorite genre and start reading it. If you are focused and motivated enough, you can complete a fiction or self-help book over the weekend.

Make sure you don’t use your gadgets during this time, apart from making important calls. The idea is to engage in an activity while keeping your interaction with technology to a bare minimum. And reading a book is one of the best ways to do that.

Spend a week away from the city

You may not realize it but driving in medium to heavy traffic conditions adds to your mental stress. No wonder why 8 out of 10 drivers are passive-aggressive.

As part of the digital detox, use your week off to spend quality time in a quiet place like Kitty Hawk. It’s a quaint little town in North Carolina that offers scenic views and various outdoor activities to keep you occupied. The no-gadget rule applies here too. 

Learn to manage your FOMO

The fear of missing out is not new. It’s a natural human instinct that’s been a hot topic lately. Moreover, marketing agencies capitalize on this human trait to create a sense of urgency and drive sales. 

You might have decided to minimize your device usage, but then the ‘fear of missing out’ takes over and you cave in. You need to make yourself understand that a lot of stuff is happening out there, and it’s almost impossible to stay in the know of everything that’s going on.

If you feel the urge to scroll through your social media, ask yourself one simple question. Is it going to help you or add value to your life? You’ll have your answer.

Here’s another proven strategy: Create obstacles for things you want to avoid. For instance, keep your phone in a different room so that it’s relatively difficult for you to access it.

Meditate/Exercise during quiet times

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A perfect schedule doesn’t exist. You can’t have one activity going seamlessly into the next. There are quiet times in between that people often squander on social media. Use this time to meditate or exercise at home. If you did 10 push-ups during quiet times, you’d be in better shape in three months without going to the gym.

On the other hand, meditation helps improve your concentration, release stress and reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.


You don’t have to wait for the weekend or take a week off to start your digital detox. It’s not a one-off thing; rather, it’s a lifestyle that you want to adopt and follow for the rest of your life. Go out after work, mute your Facebook/Instagram notifications, create tech-free zones in your home and spend more time in nature. You’ll feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

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