How to Advertise Your Garage Sale

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Having a garage sale may not seem like it’s a lot of work, but you do still need to advertise it as if you were selling something amazing. In a business, you’d sell your products and make them look fantastic and make sure that everybody knew about them being there, but in a garage sale, you’re just selling the things that you want to get rid of out of your garage. Most people don’t do a ton of work to prepare to sell in their garage because they know that people are going to see the banners outside and they’re going to pop along and be able to buy what they want to buy.

The thing is is you could formally advertise your garage sale and make it an event in your neighborhood if you wanted to. Some people like to go all out with lights and teardrop banners just to show off what they are selling. All about attracting the locals when it’s a garage sale, so you need to do what you can to advertise as early as possible so that people know where to go to buy new things. Let’s take a look at how you can advertise your garage sale for it to be effective.

Pay for banners

This might be a garage sale, but this doesn’t mean you can just deal with street signs that are going to get wet in the rain. Go all out with large teardrop banners outside your garage to really advertise that something’s happening there that day. Make the signs with the same material so that they match to go with neon and pink and bright yellow if you can, because you want them to be attention getters. Balloons and pinwheels can make it look fun and you can just attract the locals to your garage to see what you’ve got going on.

Get on social media

Local community pages on Facebook and online are a great opportunity to tease your friends and your friends are friends and strangers that you’ll be having a sale. You can also give previews of what will be for sale and what kind of price range they can expect. If you do have the ability to allow card payments then do that. Otherwise remind everybody to bring cash with them. You can do it a week to two weeks ahead of your sale and just be there to make sure that the market is strong a few days before the sale begins.

Run an ad in the local paper

If there are local paper deliveries in your area, then ask your local newspaper to run a small ad for you. Make sure it includes the vital information such as when, where and what type of items will be sold. Don’t forget to add to the Add to your papers online website listing too because many people search online now and those same newspaper websites will also post on social media.

Local schools

If you’ve got kids in the local schools, then think about popping a flier there to let them know that there will be a garage sale of kids toys and equipment for parents. 

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