How to Utilise Your Spare Bedroom When Moving into a Bigger Home

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Moving into a bigger home with a spare room? It is a great feeling when you suddenly have a lot more space to work with. But what can you do with an extra bedroom? Many people have been moving into new homes during the pandemic and seeking places with more space, especially if their working habits have changed. You will want to make the most out of this extra space and there are a few ways that it could be used to improve your home and life.

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Guest Bedroom

Obviously, one use is to turn it into a guest bedroom. If you like to have people over and/or have friends and family that live far away, then turning this space into a guest bedroom is worth considering. It could help you to spend a lot more quality time with loved ones.

Home Office

With hybrid work becoming the new normal, many people find themselves working from home on a regular basis. Turning a spare room into a home office could make a massive difference to both your home and work by allowing you to keep the two separate and helping you to work at home free from distractions.

Dressing Room

For many people, turning a spare room into a dressing room will help to bring some luxury to their home and life. Having a dressing room that is separate from the bedroom can not only free up a huge amount of space in your bedroom, but it can also make it much easier and less stressful to get ready each morning.

Entertainment Room

Turning a spare room into an entertainment centre is another option worth considering. It is also a fun option that could make a big difference to your life. Turn it into a home cinema, games room and/or bar and this could quickly become your new favorite space to spend time! Making this another area where people can go to watch TV and chill out is also a great idea for families, especially if you often want to watch different things on TV!

Home Gym

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A home gym is another option that is worth considering and could help you to lead a much healthier lifestyle. The cost of setting up a gym will end up being a smart financial investment when you consider just how expensive a gym membership can be and you only need a few pieces of equipment to get a complete workout at home.


It is a great feeling when you have more space to work with. But it can be hard to know how to use the space to improve both your home and life.

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