The Best Way to Spend 24 Hours in Bellport

bellport main street
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Located as in the town of Brookhaven on the South Shore of Long Island, Bellport has been one of the island’s best-kept secrets. It is the perfect driving distance to the Hampton’s and equally as close to and from New York City. For this reason (and many more), Bellport has been flocked by artists, painters, architects, and general creatives for the last few decades looking to avoid the sometimes glossy aspects of the Hamptons but still get away from the hustle and bustle of the immediate New York City metropolitan area. Purchased by settlers in the 1600s from the indigenous group Unkechaug, the land was initially developed as a shipyard to collect ship scraps and other things found in the bay.

Since the 1970s, it’s been flocked by artists, and today, it’s known as the perfect in-between for travelers looking for an escape or a break. Since it’s so close to New York City, you can spend a day here, and we have you covered. Here is the best way to spend 24 hours in Bellport.

Main Street

The Storefront Bellport interior
Courtesy of The Storefront, Bellport

Known as Bellport’s main street, South Country Road is filled with countless quaint shops, restaurants, art galleries, and colonial architecture. The first thing you should do when you get to Bellport is drive or walk down this road and embrace the DNA of the village. Alongside its colonial architecture, you’ll find peaks of Victorian and cedar-shingled homes.

While on this street, start your day with coffee at either Brewport Coffee House, Bellport General, or Bellport Apothecary. Each coffee shop carries the aesthetic that makes this village desirable. From there, go down to Brookhaven Hamlet for a quick hiking trail. While not technically part of Bellport Village, it’s close enough for a quick gander. 

Things To Do 

Grabbing a bike is the best method to get around the village and the most fun. You’ll be able to stop at exciting businesses and explore smaller corners not easily accessible by car. Other fun things to do include visiting Ho-hum beach. While not accessible by non-residents, that’s quickly changing, with new entry rules expected to occur soon.

If you’re into watersports, check out paddleboarding, canoeing, or renting a jet ski around the bay. During the summer, it can be a fun activity that can fill up your day. Other points of interest include the theater house, The Gateway, which offers performances like Hamilton throughout the year. The area has countless farmer’s markets, most on Saturdays. Our favorites include Deer Run Farms and the Hamlet Organic Garden

Go Shopping

The Storefront Bellport
Courtesy of The Storefront, Bellport

Bellport Village has a formula for creating fantastic stores that offer everything you need when shopping. Stores like The Storefront infuse art and practicality by selling books, interior goods, art, and much more. Other options include Copper Beech, which is perfect for your next tchotchke.  

Bellport General
Courtesy of Bellport General

Grab Some Food

If you’re feeling peckish, check out PORTERS on the lane, The Bellport Restaurant, or Peter’s On The Green for American favorites in the breakfast and lunch categories. Head to Varney’s Restaurant in Brookhaven for some great seafood. It’s just a quick drive over.

Other nearby spots worth visiting are The State Room and Silly Lilly. Go to Bellport Lane and visit Carla Marlas Ice Cream Parlor & Candy Shoppe for dessert. 

Where To Stay 

Bellport Inn Garden Suite
Bellport Inn Garden Suite. Credit: Discover Long Island

Even though you might be only staying here for one whole day, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying some of the village’s best accommodations. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from; all of them exude character and history.

Take Temperance Hall; it’s the perfect place to soak in all the summer vibes. Your stay there will cost about $300-600 depending on the season and includes Wi-Fi and a ferry to Ho-hum Beach. This is a great way to bypass the resident’s only rule.

Bellport Inn fire pit
Bellport Inn. Credit: Discover Long Island

The Bellport Inn dates back to 1889 and is right in the middle of Bellport Village, making it perfect for travelers who don’t like to travel far once they’ve reached their destination. The hotel ranges per season, but rates can go up to $600 during the high peak. 

Bellport is the perfect place to spend your day, and it is even better in the summer. The village is filled with character, taste, and things to do. It’s also highly family-friendly and/or romantic, making it the ultimate destination no matter who you are.

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